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03 March 2013 @ 12:50 am
[sticky post] Who the F is fandomwarrior? ~a shameless introduction~  

I'm Rendy, and I'm a college student from Indonesia. I enjoy creating stuffs, mainly add-ons for games, especially racing games on PC. However, racing and creating add-ons aren't just my things; I have a passion in TV series. That's right, watching TV Series is also my hobby, and I enjoy them much just like I enjoy watching race cars racing around the circuit, taking more than an hour a race.

This LJ of mine acts as a blog, but unlike my other blog, this LJ is centered to fandom-related activities. This is where I separate blogs pertaining to race cars, game add-ons, and fandoms for the sake of target audience. I occasionally post about what I would watch here and some recaps and reviews on what I've watched, all while being one of the regulars of Fandom March Madness since 2013 season. Also present is my twitter feed where I tweet stuffs, mostly unrelated to fandoms but worth a check :p

Enjoy your stay! If you'd like to add me to your friend list, do so! I love to make new friends here in this network. All posts are public because I have no passion on posting private, real-life stuffs unless it's about my visit to cool places or what DVD I bought. :)

NOW WATCHING... (ordered alphabetically and recently-watched)
- Orphan Black
- Kamen Rider Gaim
- Ressha Sentai ToQGer
- Tiger & Bunny (finished series)
- Kamen Rider OOO
- Madan Senki Ryukendo
- Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

coming soon...

2013 - Silent participant, 440 Office Pool Points, rooted for Chloe McGruff
2014 - Semi-active participant, 570 Office Pool Points, rooted for Mako Mori, Toph Beifong, and Natasha Romanoff

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Tumblr = The Overworld Destroyer
Twitter = visible (left side) // @RebirthAY
Instagram = @tsukasa_kadoya
deviantArt = Tsukasa R Seiei
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