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30 December 2017 @ 10:28 pm
THE FINAL - The 2017 World Fandom Champions Finally Decided!  

It's been a long time. Usually this would come sooner but due to the current real-life workload, World Fandom Championship activities have been stagnant until today. First of all, I would like to say Merry Christmas to you readers who celebrate it, and happy holidays for the rest of you readers! The year 2017 feels too fast and it has been quite an eventful one. Within a week we will turn the new page of the year into 2018. Nobody knows what the year will promise, but the chapter will continue on.

At the same time, with eleven events spanning between award shows and polling competitions, the 2017 World Fandom Championship season has come to an end, after an early start in Critics' Choice Awards and an exciting end in Primetime Emmy Awards in the awards show front and the SpoilerTV Favorite Series Competition in the polling front, the third season has provided some ups and downs for both TV and movie entrants, and who knows we could have an upset here.

With the fact that the standings weren't updated regularly even after Critics' Choice, it is down to one single "update" in a per round basis in chronological order, with position changes and new entrants being added each "update". So far, one winner prevailed in the Characters' Championship: Alex Danvers from Supergirl. For three rounds, Alex propelled herself in the standings along with Maggie Sawyer thanks to Sanvers being consistent in finishing in respectable places for the first two rounds, and being chosen as the one to represent Supergirl in the SpoilerTV Character Cup meant that her chances expanded to dethrone the joint current leaders at the time: Clarke Griffin and Lexa. The tables turned in Alex's favor as The 100 chose Bellamy Blake as its competitor, denying any gain of point for them to maintain the lead. With an eventual victory, Alex finished the three-round season with a Characters' Cup title.

However, what about the World Championship? Who won the Actor's title? And who won the rest of the sub-championships? The question should have been answered since the end of the Emmys, but believe it or not things have been really certain for reasons to be explained much later.


The World Championship, being decided in eleven different events (with two events being united as part of one round, making it ten rounds), have been contested by more than 200 TV shows and 100 movies, either as a one-off entry (appearing only once) or as a multiple-round contender, but taking the most out of the attendance is Netflix's new hit series Stranger Things, attending all ten rounds of the calendar proper. Meanwhile in the movies' side, there's Moana, Doctor Strange, and Hidden Figures, among others, all appeared in five awards out of six in the calendar, only missing out one round. On the other side, the warfare between TV networks, cable channels, and streaming services, called "Constructor's Championship" from here on, has registered more than 30 networks for this season, and for the season's first, a non-English name has made it to the mix.

The third season of World Fandom Championship kicked off on December 11, 2016 where the 22nd Critics' Choice Awards took place, with the season finale being held in the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 16, while the movie contenders have their title deciders a month earlier at 2017 Teen Choice Awards, held on August 13. A thorough domination of one name through the "awards season" ensemble of rounds proved to be a surefire way way to secure the road towards the World Champion title, and with the additional round of the Academy Awards for this season, their award wins is enough to leave everything behind.

(Image: Giphy)

In other words, at 41 points and victories in CCAs, Golden Globes, and Oscars round, La La Land is this season's World Fandom Champion. The Damien Chazelle-directed movie quickly steamrolled its competition just before the Oscars, even its closest competitor The People v. O.J. Simpson, the big winner of last year's Emmy Awards, couldn't come close, with the gap getting bigger and unreachable to even the TV contenders with more TV-only rounds allocated in the calendar than there are movie rounds. The World Champion title has been pretty much decided after the Oscars looking at La La Land's award wins, with the runner-up title on the line for the following five rounds which eventually went to Starz's flagship series Outlander at 28 points, 13 points behind the musical movie and just one point from the nearest movie competitor Moonlight, the Best Picture winner of the Oscars. The win for La La Land shall mark the first time a movie claim the World Champion title, after two seasons being handed to TV contenders, namely Orange Is The New Black and Person of Interest.

The Actor's Championship, running in a new format that awards the points scored as is in each round, went on in an exciting fashion: Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield seized the lead before Sarah Paulson and Casey Affleck's Golden Globe wins taking over the lead only to have Reynolds hot on their tails once more post PCAs. Paulson reigned supreme after SAG Awards, but Viola Davis' consistent wins in prestige award shows and, eventually, her Oscars win, finally took the lead from The People v. O.J. Simpson actress, and stayed for the final two rounds to cement herself as the Actor's Champion, with Sarah Paulson and Casey Afflect being joint runners-up. Emma Watson's wins in Teen Choice earned her a Top 5 finish just behind Emma Stone, same can be said with Dwayne Johnson but within the Top 10 area and just behind Mahershala Ali. Ryan Reynolds, John Lithgow, and Donald Glover complete the season's Top 10.

Character's Championship marked a platonic moment for Supergirl's Alex Danvers in terms of her title win. After the competitions on E!Online and Zimbio, Clarke Griffin and Lexa were the surefire recipients for the title, but come SpoilerTV's Character Cup where the fate turned itself as Bellamy Blake, yet scoring any point after the two mentioned rounds, was chosen to represent The 100 and Supergirl chose Alex Danvers, who has scored six points along with her lover Maggie Sawyer. As a second-place finish would prove nothing for Alex to snatch the title from The 100's prominent pairing, a win is a must for the character portrayed by Chyler Leigh in the series, and she just did after going up against Outlander's Jamie Fraser. The Outlander character had level points as Clarke and Lexa after this competition.

The Constructor's Championship also went to The CW for the straight second time, contributing big points out of their best finishes in polling competitions and Teen Choice, although I found its 2016 result better in that the network took healthy sum of points out of their award wins. Netflix and FX networks (counting both FX and its sister network FXX) were the top runners after the awards season ensemble, with the streaming service leading with 37 points. Their collective performance however dwindled in polling competitions, and with The CW's stronger suit in Teen Choice and Netflix shows' inability to win a lot of awards in both Teen Choice and Emmys, the writing was on the wall. The CW finished the season with 63 points, with Netflix 53, and HBO 35,5, a large gap between the eventual Top 2. Norway's NRK TV finished 12th thanks to the contribution of Skam's Isak and Even.

(Image: WeHeartIt)

And speaking of Skam, the Norwegian Teen show is this season's Breakout Newcomer. The show's ship, being Isak Valtersen and Even Bech-Naesheim, made history on E!Online's TV's Top Couple round where they become the first overseas series ever to win a polling competition. A combination of the supportive fandom and the people within who came up with the voting number calculation solution (which also inspired me to do the same) earned its right to be the true champion of the competition as they make history, and not to forget that the creator Julie Andem also thanked the fans who made it happen and become more than just a true champion: "the most hard-working, coolest fanbase on Earth", as Julie would put it. The American adaptation of the show is also in the works, should the Skam fans and others alike look forward to.


As with the World Fandom Championship tradition, Syndication and Genre champions are based on competing TV shows' and movies' syndication and genres. A total of five different winners decorated the combined number of these championships. While certain championships ended in a straight-forward manner (most prominent being La La Land's dominance in both Movies Championship and Comedy Championship), position battles colored the rest of the championships.

(Image: Giphy)

The Network Championship started out with ABC's American Crime and black-ish taking the lead after the awards season, but things quickly changed as four fan-focused rounds (polling competitions and Teen Choice) came, with The 100 now taking the lead before Teen Choice. Unfortunately, none of The 100 names won any Teen Choice, and with nearest title rival Supergirl, only four points short, finally taking the lead after being ranked fourth out of all classified network shows in Teen Choice thanks to Melissa Benoist's win, the DCTV show earned its Network Champion title. 2014 Champion Person of Interest only managed to finish third place behind the two shows before being sandwiched by another The CW show The Vampire Diaries, whose run has ended this year, and NBC's new show This Is Us managed to finish the Top 10 just behind Riverdale, another new show for this year.

The Streaming/Cable Championship provided a more exciting race and conclusion, with title favorites being Outlander and Stranger Things. FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson and Netflix's The Crown led the standings for the entirety of January, scoring above 20 points, but three polling competitions later Shadowhunters took the lead thanks to its consistent best finish among other streaming and cable shows. This however didn't take away the excitement of the title race as Stranger Things and Outlander were only two points short. The real decider however lied in the Emmys where Stranger Things only had one "do or die" mission to not let Shadowhunters being crowned the Streaming/Cable Champion, even if it meant only winning the Creative Arts categories it's in. All of the Netflix series' Creative Arts wins eventually paid dividends for the title win.

Onto the Genre races: the Comedy Trophy was pretty much decided as La La Land took the glory and it was down to the runners-up: Zootopia and Finding Dory, two animated shows now competing under the Comedy banner due to the dissolution of Animated category. Finding Dory however is the clear runner-up here as the movie is the best finisher among Comedy shows and movies in PCAs and Teen Choice. While the Top 3 is all movies, two TV series complete the Top 5 ensemble, namely Atlanta and Veep, which are one point short within each other. Meanwhile, the Teen Trophy only has four rounds competed, comprising of polling competitions and Teen Choice, because simply the critics aren't really fond of those type of shows (even Jane the Virgin, one of last year's Teen contenders, didn't have nominations in this year's prestige award shows), leaving only 9 shows in the race. The 100's stable run bested Shadowhunters, The Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf for the title, while last year's champion Pretty Little Liars, whose final season also ended this year, only managed to finish fifth.

(Image: Moviefone)

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Trophy started out with Game of Thrones leading the pack courtesy of its best finishes in CCAs and SAG Awards. The popular HBO series is on the mission to win its first ever Sci-Fi/Fantasy Trophy title after getting denied out by both Outlander and Person of Interest last year in a three-way tie, with the winners being decided in the most number of 1st and 2nd place finishes among Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows. The polling competitions however proved to be GoT's weakpoint and it ended up handing the lead to Outlander, the best finisher among the same genre in the E!Online and SpoilerTV competitions. Teen Choice and Emmys were the title deciders to see whether Outlander will finally have its first solo title and its second ever or its closest rival Stranger Things will win its first. After the Emmys, Stranger Things' Creative Arts wins became the savior for its Sci-Fi/Fantasy title and shut out Outlander's second throughout WFC.

The Drama Trophy, ending the Genre Trophies series, had The People v. O.J. Simpson leading the pack but Moonlight took the series' lead out of the bat after being the best finisher within the Drama genre in Oscars. Battling for the third place was down to Grey's Anatomy, Orange Is The New Black, and The Crown, spanning final four rounds. Advantaging from The Crown's absence in polling competitions, OITNB, through Poussey and Soso, became the best finisher among Drama series competitors in the Zimbio competition and gave the show an edge until the SpoilerTV competition where the show is absent from both Character Cup and Favorite TV Competition, worsened by the fact that Grey's Anatomy took part in the Character Cup and had its character Meredith Grey making it to the second round before being eliminated. The fact that, per combined results from both competitions, the Drama genre have multiple competitors finishing with the same amount of points and allowing higher points to be awarded for that to happen also added the insult to OITNB's injury, with the long-running ABC series eventually going away with 28 points. In the end, The Crown couldn't do anything to edge out the ABC show's polling competition achievement in the Emmys and ended up scoring the same point as OITNB.

Finally, the additional championships, being United Awards Show Challenge (for award shows) and Global Fandom Challenge Cup (for polling competitions) were given to La La Land and The 100 respectively.

The full spreadsheet detailing the season as shown above can be read in full screen here. You can download the Excel format of the same spreadsheet here.


It was a fun task to pretend World Fandom Championship as a fandom knockoff of FIA World Endurance Championship, even down to the logo itself. However, with the declining interest in the simulated series, the writing is already on the wall: this season is the last ever WFC to be run. It turned out that the current championship format no longer interests me. Trust me, I had lots of interests in making this look like FIA WEC but after a while it no longer feels like a "championship" for me, particularly because this is all just about tallying stuffs throughout award shows and polling competitions, plus we have lost Fandom March Madness since 2016, probably the only competition where TV and movie characters can go face-to-face directly. Also factoring the decision to do this is basically how the championship points are given in award shows. The total points earned throughout the gala based on wins in main categories, actor categories (be it main, supporting, or guest roles), and technical categories is the way to go, but the championship points (perhaps a modification of FIA's point scoring system) that follow based on these points doesn't feel like the "be-all, end-all" solution anymore, especially when you realize that multiple TV and movies can score the same point in one award show based on their nominations and wins and then you get them having rewarded the same amount of championship points. It's fine for a general scope like the World Championship, but it can get awkward for specific sub-championships where there might be a couple of competitors under one genre ending up being awarded 12 points because they didn't win much categories against other shows and movies of different genre when it comes to the general classifications.

Lack of interest due to my real life struggle and the flawed system added up for a new trigger: a plan to make a new system that awards points for achievements in award shows and polling competitions but not as awkward as the "World Championship" model like the one I had for the last three years. That said, I can safely say this will NOT be the end of the road for my job at counting stuffs using these events to determine the best of television and movies for a season. With the end of the old system comes a new one...

Say hello to my new system simply called Coefficient System, a new system that determines which franchise, TV or movie, plus actor, tops the season through award shows and competitions involved, inspired by UEFA's coefficient system. It is basically an evolution of what the spreadsheet WFC has been given for the past three years if you read from the first time I do this. Basically, it counts every TV series' and every movie's award nominations and wins throughout designated award shows, plus additional polling competitions for the TV series just for the sake of it. The classifications for both TV and movie are separated to ensure clarity, and the award shows involved have tiered points system, meaning that prestige awards like Emmys and Oscars reward more coefficient points than any other award shows for each nomination and win. All this also applies to the Actor ranking as well, which is literally the only medium where TV and movie actors can compete altogether. For simplicity's sake, the rankings will revolve around these three elements only, meaning there will no longer be rankings for TV characters and networks.

Using the coefficient system to calculate this season's run, not much changed from the Championship table for the movies ranking, with La La Land dominating with a big gap, just like Mercedes F1 Team's performance this Formula 1 season, same can be said for the actors ranking with Viola Davis leading, but this time tailing her are Emma Stone and Mahershala Ali instead of Sarah Paulson (ranked 16th) and Casey Affleck (4th). The most contrasting difference however lies in the TV ranking where Westworld is P1 on the list and Stranger Things P2. Even by not winning any Emmy category, Westworld's wins in Critics' Choice gave some boost to its coefficient, contrast to Stranger Things' Creative Arts wins but not winning the rest of the award shows. Recent shows that are Emmys' big winners like Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale meanwhile get a big boost of coefficient, even ranked higher than This Is Us which has been nominated for various prestige awards but then again winning none of them as early as Critics' Choice. Considering the positives of this system, a new award show is also added to the ranking ecosystem: 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, originally MTV Movie Awards, which has now awarding TV shows aside of movies.

The polling competitions on E!Online, Zimbio (both involving ships), and SpoilerTV (particularly Character Cup and Favorite TV Competition) still retain their role in the TV rankings though only rewarding points based on bracket placements instead of final percentages and not as rewarding as award shows do. Winning these types of events reward the same coefficient points as winning an MTV Awards category, but doesn't help much when the show in question is being eliminated way early. This means that Skam, having only appeared on the E!Online competition, only got 0,400 points while Person of Interest barely reaches the 1 coefficient point mark and is ranked 136th out of 217 shows. Take note that shows ended two years after its final episode will be retired from the ranking system, another FMM/WFC rule retained for this system (with the difference being the cut-off date being two years after the end of the series), while the movies' line-up automatically "refreshes" with the new one each season. Conversely, a revived show's first episode can re-classify the show back to the ranking ecosystem, but with a stipulation that only recent efforts in designated events count. This is the case for Gilmore Girls where it competed in the 2016 SpoilerTV Favorite Series Competition as an ineligible show in the rankings but is finally eligible for future competitions per the first episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life, now becoming a Netflix series.

In the next update, I will add more depth on the calculation for movies, TV, and actors. I can confirm that, for the next season, the TV and actors ranking will also take the results of the last two years of the same set of events on the list, while the same could be applied to the movies only with some alterations. Furthermore, more award shows and polling competitions will be added soon for more precise coefficient calculations. While you're at it, you can see the spreadsheet in all its full screen glory here or you can download the Excel format here!

And after three successive seasons, World Fandom Championship finally ends here. See you at the new Coefficient System and the next blog post where we will explore more of the system and take a peek to the nominees of Critics' Choice Awards, Golden Globes, and SAG Awards! Happy holidays!

(Image: Tenor, edited to reduce size)



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