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07 November 2016 @ 12:13 am
The 2016 World Fandom Champions Finally Decided!  

Nine events, eight rounds, and seven competition months. The 2016 World Fandom Championship has finally concluded! Over the course of all the events, the second season of the competition have delivered some great moments, unexpected victories, and fights for points, all in the name of searching for the best TV and Movie that can balance between being the critically-acclaimed and being the fandom's favorite.

Starting out from four consecutive award shows in January, from People's Choice Awards to Screen Actor's Guild Awards, progressing to polling competitions from Zimbio's TV Couples March Challenge to SpoilerTV's competitions, and eventually ending the journey with Primetime Emmy Awards. Over hundreds of TV and Movie titles, as well as TV characters and actors, fight for taking the coveted WFC glory, going back and forth between competitions.

Eventually, one World Champion has emerged, along with the other champions. Before that, let's recap where we left off in a TL;DR fashion: Lexa already won Character's Championship and The Revenant wins Movie's Championship, the rest is to be decided by the final update, spanning SpoilerTV competitions, Teen Choice, and Emmys.

So, who won?

With both SpoilerTV Favorite TV Competition and Teen Choice Awards results now added to the standings, it has made the standings interesting before the Emmys. With OITNB and The 100 getting ruled out from making points within the final three rounds, it has allowed Outlander and Person of Interest climbing to the Top 3 of the World Championship standings, with the latter being certain of the Top 3 finish considering that they won the SpoilerTV Favorite TV Competition. Same story with the Syndication Champs where Once Upon A Time made a surprise lead in the Network Championship after being the best Network show finisher in Teen Choice, with The Big Bang Theory, The 100, Person of Interest, and The Flash all tied with 24 points and might end up in a Dead Heat, and both Outlander and Pretty Little Liars might be the Streaming/Cable Championship's Top 3, that is if either Mr. Robot and Game of Thrones don't bite both of these shows.


Finally, after counting the results for the Emmys in WFC manner, hand-picking which categories (both the main gala and Creative Arts) viable for the classification and finalizing the results, the winner for the 2016 World Fandom Championship has finally been decided! And the complete standings spreadsheet has spoken...

Orange Is The New Black is this year's World Fandom Champion! Building up the lead in both People's Choice Awards and Screen Actors' Guild Awards before their "hibernation", combined with the fact that there are different winners throughout the rounds (except The 100 which won twice), clearly made sure that the Netflix series, now in its fourth season, stands tall in the World Championship standings, and nobody would be able to catch the fandom, not even The 100. Congratulations to OITNB! Well-deserved victory despite the absence! Be sure to turn on your Netflix as the fourth season episodes finally come!

(Images: Zimbio)

Both The 100 and Person of Interest took second and third places respectively, making it POI's second Top 3 appearance in the World Championship standings since last year and the best finish for The 100, which they finished 10th last year. Outlander also had 22 points just like POI, but it was the number of wins that made the now-finished CBS drama more deserved to take the third place. The Revenant finished its season in fifth, being the best-placed movie in the main standings as Spotlight finished three positions behind. The rest of the Top 10 in the main standings include Pretty Little Liars (best finish ever!), Game of Thrones, Fargo, and this season's newcomer Mr. Robot, which originally tied with Once Upon A Time with 16 points alongside Fargo but its second place finish in Golden Globes helped the USA Network drama place on par with Fargo, which surely locks in the Breakout Newcomer Award for this year!

The first ever Constructor's Championship goes to The CW, with an impressive final points of 57.5, standing tall thanks to its domination in Zimbio and E!Online competitions! The Top 3 finish for ships from The 100 and The Vampire Diaries contributed to this immense lead, and nobody was able to catch up. Netflix comes second with 44.5 points, consistently scoring in all rounds bar Golden Globes, and third place goes to FX Networks (FX and FXX combined), gaining places from seventh to third courtesy of its Emmy domination alongside HBO, now fifth just behind ABC, effectively diminished CBS's podium finish as it dropped to sixth. It's a colorful podium indeed with a network, streaming, and cable channel finishing the first ever Constructor's Championship on top!

The Actor's Championship sees no significant change at all except for the Emmy-nominated actors that won and eventually earn their respective points. This allows the likes of Jeffrey Tambor, Rami Malek, Sarah Paulson, and Courtney B. Vance to climb way further in the standings. Apparently, Jeffrey finally climbed to third and took out Brie Larson from the Top 3 in the standings, which finally saw an additional TV actor gracing the Top 3 along with Mr. Robot's Christian Slater, and Sarah Paulson finally made a cut in Top 10 in a four-way tie with Melissa McCarthy, Charlize Theron, and Dylan O'Brien. A surprising end to what could be the unsurprising Actor's Championship, knowing that we already had the champion decided even before Teen Choice.

Finally, I'd like to congratulate (the late) Lexa once again. Her death has ignited the fandom's spirit to fight through the ranks of online competitions, and there she is, the eventual Character's Champion for this year, along with Clarke Griffin and Sameen Shaw in second and third respectively. May her soul be blessed by everyone who stands for her, and may the trophy be delivered safely to Alycia Debnam-Carey's trophy drawer if she has one.


Alongside the World Champions, the Syndication Championships, which span across Network, Streaming and Cable, and Movie, has also been decided, although the latter ended one round early with The Revenant named as the winner and Spotlight and Room finished second and third respectively. The Emmys settled the final bout between broadcast, cable, and streaming series, and these are the results...

Last year's Comedy Trophy winner The Big Bang Theory is named the Network Champion for this season! It only takes one Creative Arts win to push itself out against OUAT with a narrow gap of two points, and boy did the CBS comedy deliver! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend also took advantage of its Creative Arts wins, and landed the newcomer comedy show to the well-deserving second place after a stellar performance in Golden Globes and Critics' Choice against all other broadcast network shows. Eventually, Once Upon A Time finishes the season in third, and it also nullifies the third place efforts of The 100, Person of Interest, and The Flash as they fell to fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively. It's a Bazinga celebration time!

In Streaming/Cable Championship, Orange is The New Black takes its second trophy despite the hibernation and not winning anything in Emmys to extend its lead. Basically, the writing is on the wall for this Championship except for one twist explained later on. Outlander takes second place in the standings with consistent second place finishes in People's Choice, E!Online, and SpoilerTV, and here goes the twist for the third place: Pretty Little Liars edged out Game of Thrones for the final Top 3 spot in the Streaming/Cable Championship! I fucking called it, ladies and gentlemen, PLL just edged out GoT thanks to its Teen Choice domination! Again, an unexpected twist to an otherwise expected result.

(Image: WiffleGif)


Finally, the Genre Trophy winners. It's time to hand out the trophies for the best in every genre! Last season, The Big Bang Theory aced the Comedy, The Vampire Diaries dominated the Teen, Person of Interest swept the Sci-Fi/Fantasy, OITNB took home Drama, and The Simpsons reign supreme in Animated. What about this year?

With 36 points, The Big Bang Theory succeeded its second consecutive Comedy Trophy champion! Consistent showing and result call for a successful title defense for the CBS comedy. Transparent finished second in this Trophy once again with consistent award show finishes among other Comedy shows, and topping the Top 3 is Fuller House, the new Netflix comedy which is the revival of Full House.

In Teen Drama Trophy, Pretty Little Liars takes gold with 26 points, avenging its last year's Top 3 loss in the category, with best finishes across poll-based award shows and its Top TV Couple placement being the saving grace from the two other adversaries: The 100 in second place with two polling competition wins, and Teen Wolf in third with three consecutive third finishes for Teen Drama category which included the two pairing-based poll competitions in Zimbio and E!Online plus Teen Choice. This also marks the second time The 100 gets a silver trophy in WFC.

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Trophy is home for the craziest end-of-season result for this year for one reason: both Outlander and Person of Interest are the joint winners for the Trophy, scoring 34 points, 2 wins, and a second place in the category. This is the second time POI takes the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Trophy and the first time for Outlander, so a supernatural way to double the gold trophy is necessary. Game of Thrones also scored 34 points and 2 wins, but its lack of second place finishes is the reason why it placed third. Thankfully, OUAT wasn't spotted anywhere in the Emmys or else GoT would lost its third place like in the last season.

The Drama Trophy's outcome is way predictable: OITNB easily snatches the first place with 46 points, The Revenant comes second with 33, and Grey's Anatomy finished in third with 30. In the end, it's awfully expected, save for the fact that The Revenant's ten points out of the in-category Teen Choice classification allowed the movie to overtake Grey's. Apart from that, nothing to comment.

Finally, the Animated Trophy, where it seems to be a quieter place compared to the other categories. Inside Out is the genre's champion, after taking two wins in Golden Globes and SAG Awards, which is quite a simple an easy task since you only need to win the "Best Animated Show" nomination or similar. Tailing two points apart is Family Guy, courtesy of its Teen Choice and Emmy wins. Last but not least are the joint third placers The Simpsons and Finding Dory, both won People's Choice and Teen Choice respectively. A good mix of TV and Movie right there.

Congratulations to all winners! You can check out the entirety of the season in the spreadsheet below:


Meet this year's Breakout Newcomer: Mr. Robot! (Image: Screen Rant)

Mr. Robot is this season's Breakout Newcomer. The USA Network drama became one of the TV's greatest sensations in its first season and earned two Golden Globes win; one for Best Drama, one courtesy of Christian Slater's win in Best Supporting Actor. It then continued its streak in Critics' Choice Awards, with same winners plus Rami Malek, and later Rami alone would take home the Emmys. In the end, all three instances gets two trophies equal.

(Image: brucesgotham.tumblr)

Aside from the Award wins, Mr. Robot also threw its hat to the online competition poll on SpoilerTV, with Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek's character) in Character Cup and the show itself in the Favorite TV Series. Elliot reached Sweet 16 and placed a respectable 16th overall after defeated by Kate Beckett from Castle, earning him his first and only point in the season. The show itself though faced a bitter defeat, barely making it to the second round as it took a beating from The Walking Dead.

(Image: brucesgotham.tumblr)

In the end, Mr. Robot hacked the second WFC season with amazing award wins throughout Golden Globes, Critics' Choice, and Emmys, while placing respectable online competition finishes on SpoilerTV competitions despite bittersweet journey. While it has become one of the TV's sensations during its first season and earned a Top 10 finish in World Fandom Championship, the momentum has started to build for this latest USA Network craving.

Honorable mention also goes to The People v. O.J. Simpson, an FX Network drama show based on the trial of O.J. Simpson in the 90s which succeeded in breaking Game of Thrones's dominance in Emmys. It's really impeccable to see the show gave a great performance in its first season, and Sarah Paulson, with others, delivered the best. The pairing Marcia Clark (Paulson) and Christopher Darden (played by Sterling K. Brown) also appeared in E!Online's Top TV Couple earlier this year, but they barely passed the first round of the competition against Beauty and The Beast's Vincent and Catherine. Take note that this is actually part of American Crime Story anthology series, and by the time the next WFC season comes, it will be classified as such, but there's no denying that they could be the one to watch for in WFC next year.

Another honorable mention also goes to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, another new show that has won the hearts of Golden Globes and Critics' Choice out of all broadcast network series. For its stellar award show performances, The CW renewed ALL of its shows, even this show which had the worst rating out of all shows in the network. Such a shame that it missed out key Emmy nominations and doesn't have a good online competition CV at disposal (lost in the first round of Top TV Couple and Character Cup), because if it does, it could be a much worthy name for the Breakout Newcomer Award.


As promised, changes are to come in the next season of World Fandom Championship. Finally I'm able to fully focus on my college work and fight my buns off so I can graduate by the second quarter of next year. Lots to reflect for this season, but I kept the notes so there's no need to worry!

First up is the bad news: no more Animated genre. The thing is, there isn't much animated shows and movies represented in the competition, and this year proved that. For this reason, any animated shows will belong to any of the four existing genres (Comedy, Teen, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Drama), but will still be eligible for 5 points in Award Shows.

Also, more bad news apparently, this time regarding People's Choice Awards whose set of categories is as low as last year's, disallowing an exciting game which should've been possible if it were like the 2015 running, now with the categories revealed during the first voting process. As such, PCAs will no longer become the first round and the privilege will go to Golden Globes instead. However, PCAs will become WFC's Prologue round where winners will still be celebrated, just that not the way you'd expect from any Award Show round in WFC. That said, it's one round less for the next season.

Now for the good news: Oscars! I'm considering adding Oscars to the calendar for next year as I thought the movie entries should be more competitive, and I was trying to add this last season only to have this one dumped in the end. As with the Emmys being the TV-only round, the Oscars will be the Movie-only round, which means that with this additional round, movies will have more chance in the World Championship, and even Genre trophies too. This doesn't change the fact that we need a polling competition that features movie entries though!

To see how TV and Movies fare in the award shows after looking at the fact that the number of rounds for them are now equal, I am introducing an additional set of trophies. First up, United Awards Show Challenge, a sub-championship where TV and Movie entries battle for award show supremacy. Both categories will fight throughout People's Choice, Golden Globes, Critics' Choice, and Teen Choice, in addition to their own exclusive rounds Emmys (for TV) and Oscars (for movies). Global Fandom Challenge Cup is the second sub-championship that focuses on polling competitions and fandom representations, in contrast to Character's Championship. Traveling through competitions hosted on Zimbio, E!Online, and SpoilerTV, it is a four-round hustle for the TV fandoms to see which fandom rule the polling competition. Should FMM return next year, the round number will go up to five and effectively enables a double-points rule, but unfortunately, seeing one of the comments in the very last article, it might be very unlikely.

The way Actor's Classification system on Award shows is done will be totally changed, as I found the current system less suitable. Instead, I'm going to use Olympic-style system where nominations, Lead wins, Supporting wins, Guest wins and miscellaneous wins throughout award every round are tallied, which means wins in an award show will be carried to another until Emmys. This system also eliminates "winning fandom representation" rule which should make the new system more actor-centered.

Classification system on SpoilerTV competitions will also see a new format next year, with Character Cup and Favorite TV Competition results will be accumulated as one for World Championship classifications. The finishing positions will award the classified fandoms in both competitions normal point scoring, but it will be tallied and final Championship points will be determined based upon the accumulated sum of both competitions, which will count towards all standings bar Actor's Championship and Character's Championship (Character Cup will still count for the standings)

Seeing that I have to make this fictitious simulation more known, I am considering opening a "official" site and a social media account dedicated to this. I was thinking that I would open a Tumblr site and a Twitter account (yes, just Twitter!) for this job because apparently fandom is much more marketable on both sites, without disrespecting LiveJournal in any way because hey, I marked my place here and already made a small flist! At the same time, I thought it would be better that my LJ site here is less cluttered with WFC stuffs and I had to focus more on my binge-watching experience (spoiler alert: my post about UnREAL is on standby!), some real-life hustle (spoiler alert: writing my "Happy Birthday Me!" post I haven't posted since 15th October which is my birthday), fan creations where possible, and all other stuff. I might try going on the satire post approach because if you haven't knew already World Fandom Championship is actually a parody of FIA World Endurance Championship WITH FANDOMS! So, satire news, fandom news, and all the blahs. Gotta need more time to do all such things!

Finally, to top it off this very long post (which fortunately is "sectioned" under the cut, mind you), I am constructing on a "regulation" thingy to increase the simulation value is also in works. Basically, it will cover the rules for the Championship, the rounds, and all that stuff so that everyone can see it. This will be a sticky post for the upcoming Tumblr, along with the "Hall of Fame" spanning the last two seasons, to allow the unified Tumblr fandoms to follow the action!

Well then, that's it for this season. I hope you enjoy all the crazy stuff happened here! It's time to be back as a normal LJ user, and as this madness will go to the masses next season, I wish that I could make WFC more known! For readers who came to read all my posts from January (*cough*peopleschoice*cough*) until recently, thank you for reading all the stuffs I have ever offered you about World Fandom Championship! Honorable mentions go to Dahne and Bradley Adams on SpoilerTV for all the help and motivation for promoting your competitions here, snogged for being always there in the comments no matter how absurd WFC is (I swear I'll post more TV binge-watching experience!), and Sarah Shahi a.k.a Sameen Shaw on Person of Interest for posting my Character Cup poster to your Instagram courtesy of another Instagram which isn't mine!

See you in 2017 World Fandom Championship!

(Image: USA Today)


P.S.: Remember, *whispers* this is all just a work of fiction *whispers*

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Butterflysnogged on November 7th, 2016 03:00 am (UTC)
I get a kick out of the thoroughness and research you put into this each year.

Also, yay for OINTB! I love that show.
FANDOM WARRIORfandomwarrior on November 9th, 2016 02:48 pm (UTC)

Haha! It's something that keeps me going!

Definitely, my target is that next year, WFC is more known. Twitter and Tumblr should be two of the good places and I already prepared the accounts. The only thing needed now is the formatting! I might still considering posting those stuffs here but maybe in a little more personal approach, or maybe try attracting some LJ fanbase (which would have quite a difficulty as of now...)

Glad you like this!