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22 February 2016 @ 02:21 pm
The 2016 Fandom Steel Cage March Madness is near and so does the polling competition season. This is where now the characters are fighting their way to the victory with the help of the dedicated fandoms. At the same time, the 2016 Zimbio TV Couples March Challenge's nomination phase is also approaching already here! So much for the internet polling season!

So far I don't see a teaser GIF from f_march_madness itself. Hopefully it'll be posted ASAP.



In the Comedy race, I'd like to see Transparent and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to the mix, whatever the way is. Award-wise, Transparent has been quite a strong runner since last year, winning several awards, yet I'd like to see how Maura Pfefferman can stack up against the veterans of the championship, the same story with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with Rebecca Bunch. The Award-winning additions for FMM would surely make an interesting grid in the battle, yet I don't seem to pay much attention on this category. Those two are what come to my mind prior to my World Fandom Championship venture and there are already you-know-who strong contenders like The Big Bang Theory and Parks and Recreation, but this one's gonna be the potentially last FMM for the latter fandom because the show itself is ended already.

Why Tris Prior is all the matters in FMM this year, more on the source. (Image: Divergent's official Tumblr)

In the Teen bracket, Scream Queens has the chance to make it as one of the "Starting 15" fandoms, and I'm pretty sure it'd be Chanel Oberlin who will represent the fandom. But what I want to expect from this bracket is the Divergent series, a series that is criminally under-utilized despite its popularity. Tris Prior has to be the better rival for Katniss Everdeen yet this kind of rivalry has never been taken in FMM. If Divergent gets the "Starting 15", I'd be happy, otherwise I'm in doubt, because I never seen any LJ love on Divergent, from its first movie to the latest one which is Insurgent. Continuing the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend talk, I am actually in doubt whether the show is homologated as a Comedy or Teen, the same case as Jane the Virgin in last year's FMM, but whatever it is Rebecca Bunch must be in the game this year!

Jessica Jones, you're not on my wishlist, but since you were a bitch in Apartment 23, I'm watching you anyway... (Image)

Moving on to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy bracket wishlist, I'm pretty sure that there's too many strong contenders already, with my favorite Orphan Black would seriously get another "Starting 15" spot, so does Person of Interest, hopefully. Still, I'm wishing that Mr. Robot would make it to the list because, again, award-winning additions make a sweeter competition, and one more fandom: Forever; recently, I am interested to this series due to the fact that I watch some of the episodes at the morning, seeing how the story unfolds. Although I won't be expecting much for everyone mentioned, I still hope that it deserves their FMM love at the nomination phase later on, and one shouldn't be unexpected when Jessica Jones make it to there (for the nth time, if you know what I mean on the caption...), since last year's winner Peggy Carter would most likely be written off from the represent's list because of the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" unification thingy.

When UnREAL gets the FMM spot it deserves, it becomes girl power! (Image: Wired/Lifetime)

Finally, the Drama bracket. This one's a guilty pleasure, and none of my horses (Castle and Rizzoli & Isles) done successful runs here (but in turn they have pretty good records in ZMM actually), and Shondaland trinity (sans Grey's Anatomy) plus Empire will definitely fill the grid. My wishlist? It's UnREAL, a Bachelor-inspired drama series which, although I haven't seen much of it, has quite a potential to race in the FMM, and this is the very same fandom whose pairing I nominated on ZMM (Rachel Goldberg and Quinn King). Taking "strong female lead" into account, Quinn King HAS to be one and would be a fit to UnREAL's potential strong run in the FMM this year. Also, for the sake of laughs, Fifty Shades of Grey. Nobody would expect that I would nominate a movie with red room torture, but in return I won't expect much from this and would be very stoked if this would ever make it to the final grid, as I explained to snogged's comment in the last post.

2016 = ROOT'S TIME?

For recent years, Fandom March Madness is infamous for having female leads as the winner, as if the male characters stand absolutely no chance. Think Abbie Mills, and most recently Peggy Carter. Yet, taking this into account, will Samantha "Root" Groves stand a chance to join them? (Image: everyday-shud-be-a-holiday.tumblr)

Taking this tradition and the rise of Person of Interest into account, there is absolutely one thing to think of: is this year's FMM will be the year of Samantha "Root" Groves? This character stood no chance at all last year on LiveJournal grounds, even barely making it to the first round because she faced Peggy Carter, the eventual winner of the 2015 year, but somehow took wins in Zimbio TV Couples' March Challenge (with Shaw) and SpoilerTV Character Cup in the same year. There's a good chance that Root *might* win this year's FMM, but that depends on one condition or another.

Also, let's not forget another potential winner from the same Sci-Fi/Fantasy Bracket: Jessica Jones. The former Chloe McGruff superhero already caught everyone's obsessions, and this lady is expected to be the new Marvel Cinematic Universe representative and even take its second consecutive FMM win as a cinematic universe.

I can imagine that if Root gets paired with Jessica Jones, Person of Interest will be screwed for the second time in FMM, even worse if it were to happen in the VERY first round. The series has been a dominator for the past year, now recently winning a People's Choice Awards nomination, and FMM is the only remaining competition to win if it really wants to complete the collection.


As far as the other March Madness competitions are concerned, Zimbio's TV Couples March Challenge is also one in the list. The only difference is that this year the competition is no longer a double-points round compared to last year as a result of my meddling this year's calendar. Haha, no, actually it's because there had to be one award show instead to be a double-points round, which ended up in nada for the idea. Though I'm pretty sure that this year's Critic's Choice Awards somehow fulfilled my requirements for a double-point Awards round, so I can't agree more for CCA becoming a double-points round next year a.k.a the Claire Danes's Cry Face era for Le Mans Prototypes, particularly LMP2.

Since mid-February until this post, the nomination is still going. Wondered about it on Twitter by mentioning the organizer in question and found out that it's already running its nomination phase in its reply to my tweet. Here, I only nominate two horses: Cosima/Delphine (OB) and Rachel/Quinn (UnREAL, not to be confused with Glee's Rachel/Quinn). I don't have an idea which ones I can nominate other than this even for the new shows, maybe Sarah/Helena from OB will do. Excuse my bias towards Orphan Black, but I can recall Once Upon A Time represents being too many in the competition so it's justified. Meanwhile pairs to watch will include last year's victor Root/Shaw (POI), Clarke/Lexa (The 100), Clare/Jamie (Outlander), Dean/Castiel (Supernatural), and Castle/Beckett (Castle). Sadly I don't bother what the other people on the comments section of the nomination phase post nominate for the sake of surprise. Meanwhile, it'll start in 1st of March, probably the same date FMM will launch.

Somehow uncertainties abound for the other "pairing March Madness" from E! Online: The Top TV Couple. Last year, they had the March Madness format in play, but looking at their previous systems which I found out as merely a normal polling contest and fearing that they would return for that format, my uncertainties grew up on me. However, I wish that the Kardashian-centric channel can maintain the March Madness format because I felt it's better to leave it the March Madness way rather than a straight, boring poll format, talk about filling the fandom with polling tournament agendas. Currently, I haven't seen signs of its nomination phase commence, but they better be doing it sooner or later as it is almost the time...

In the end, bring on March Madness! This is where the fandom agendas are awfully full with competing against another, which calls for witnessing how my Tatiana Maslany-powered (clone) horses stand out against the likes of Amy Acker, Jennifer Morrison, Krysten Ritter, Hayley Atwell, and Rachel Bloom! That said, I am so excited, I had to retire posting for a while.

Unless it's about Fashion Week, with some nonsenses filled with obligatory pic spams of So Ra Choi, Julie Hoomans, and Marjan Jonkman.


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Butterflysnogged on February 22nd, 2016 10:12 am (UTC)
I'm definitely hoping to see Jessica Jones and Rebecca Bunch on the leaderboard for Fandom March Madness.

I have zero knowledge of Person of Interest, but I do like Amy Acker.
FANDOM WARRIORfandomwarrior on February 23rd, 2016 10:56 am (UTC)
^ I have no doubt for the two girls you mentioned. :)

Still, I would like to see any of my wishlist come true in the upcoming FMM.

Strange though, usually the teaser GIF is posted by the FMM itself at this rate... (T-1 week to FMM)