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04 September 2015 @ 12:25 am
Title Defense in Teen Grounds! 2015 Teen Choice Awards Recap  
And... bam! I'm finally back from my one-month hiatus I have stated already on some of my previous posts, that is if you exclude my putting one crazy act comment on sireesanwar's post about the upcoming Bones and Sleepy Hollow crossover, because once the words "Deschanel" and "Crossover" pop out, there has to be Emily and Zooey in it. To add, the village that I have stayed in throughout the whole August (sans one night where I had to go home due to sickness) turned out to have a little network coverage. Despite that, I cannot rely too much on network connections because not only I had to preserve my sanity and social skills but also I cannot have some form of obvious interruption.

But as promised, there will be the Fandomwarrior take on 2015 Teen Choice Awards, and now you ARE currently reading it thanks to yours truly! Like I said, this year is where Pretty Little Liars is gunning for a repeat victory like they did last year, but its rival The Vampire Diaries is out for blood in order to break the former's dominance. However, the main highlight for this year is that Empire barges in to see how far they could go in the teen-dominated grounds. Also, we cannot forget the battle between Insurgent, The Hunger Games and The Avengers with Furious 7 coloring the battle between the three in the movies category.


As I do not watch the live stream of the ceremony, I will start this article with a disclaimer that this will be based on the order of the official site's winners' list, so I guess this one might be a little straightforward without basing the televised order. But one thing for sure is that 25 million votes were cast in the process, hence why TCA is one of the most crowded competitions there is.

In the movie nominations, Furious 7 and The Hunger Games won their outright categories of Action/Adventure and Sci-Fi/Fantasy respectively, with a further victory scored by Paul Walker (RIP) in the Choice Movie Actor for the former, which was represented by Vin Diesel and of course worth a standing ovation, and Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence in both Choice Movie Actor and Choice Movie Actress respectively for the latter. Additionally, Shailene Woodley took another award win for this year in the Action/Adventure counterpart of Choice Movie Actress. The Avengers unfortunately only won Choice Movie Scene Stealer thanks to Chris Evans, out of all of its nominations. Insurgent also won Choice Movie Liplock with Shailene Woodley and Theo James, marking Shailene's second victory of this year's TCAs, but it was The Hunger Games that took the three-way fight, dominating the Action/Adventure categories. At the end of the day though, it was Pitch Perfect 2 that dominated the game with five category wins, including Choice Comedy Movie, Choice Movie Hissy Fit and Choice Movie Chemistry, with Anna Kendrick taking three wins out of all its victory.

See? (Pretty Little Liars, a Teen Choice equivalent of Audi in 24 Hours of Le Mans. This year, they won six nominations including Choice Drama TV Show. Image: Glitter Mag Rocks / Getty Images)

The main headliner though is Pretty Little Liars, which once again dominated the TCAs as if it were Audi Sport Team Joest dominating the whole 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Winning all the Drama nominations, including the Choice Drama TV Show outright. The same way the ABC Family show which recently revealed who A really is dominating the Drama categories, The CW has its own set of dominance with The Vampire Diaries winning both Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show and Actress courtesy of Nina Dobrev who also got to channel Elena Gilbert (and doppelgangers) for the final time, while Jared Padalecki pitched Supernatural win. In Comedy genre, The Big Bang Theory took yet another awards season victory this year in the Choice TV Show category and Glee's Lea Michele winning the Choice Comedy Actress, and Family Guy winning Choice Animated TV Show. Incidentally, the newly-revealed A also won Choice TV Villain, and completing PLL's dominance are Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson winning their respective Choice Summer TV Star nominations, yet Delena gets another awards recognition thanks to Choice TV Liplock and Destiel with Choice TV Chemistry, talk about redeeming themselves for the latter. Teen Wolf won two awards of Choice Summer TV Show and Choice TV Scene Stealer (for Dylan O'Brien) and The Flash, thanks to Grant Gustin, also won Choice TV Breakout Star. Finally, despite competitively being on equal footing with PLL and TVD, Empire's TCAs debut was probably a total disappointment after only winning Choice TV Breakout Show, but the next year will hopefully see themselves finally dethroning PLL from its dominance.

The miscellanous nominations, music in particular, were dominated by Nicki Minaj, Fifth Harmoney, Ed Sheeran, and, unsurprisingly for yet another time, One Direction. Taylor Swift however managed to pinch three victories just like Ed Sheeran while One Direction once again managed to combine TaySwift's and Ed Sheeran's number (or double, depending on how you view it). The feel-tastic, tear-jerking Furious 7 anthem "See You Again" of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth along with star-studded Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar's "Bad Blood" shared the most accolades, both scoring two: the former is a Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song and Choice Song from a Movie or TV Show, while the latter is a Choice Break-Up Song slash Choice Music Collaboration. Choice Female Athlete meanwhile is obviously the Women's World Cup-winning The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, while the final jabs, for me at least, were delivered in a form of Kendall Jenner for Choice Model (fuck.), Justin Bieber for Social Media King (:/), Caitlyn Jenner for Social Media Queen (okay...), and ELF as Choice Fandom, which is the fandom for the Choice International Artist-winning Super Junior. K-Pop seems to be in the Teens' maps, and I don't seem to be able to grasp it well unfortunately...

All the jabs aside, Pretty Little Liars seems to have a good strength in the TCAs, so does The Vampire Diaries, with a massive social media army surrounding the show in general and its actors and actresses. But one thing that bugs me is that why such a big force doesn't translate to internet competitions like FMM or Zimbio March Madness / Top TV Couple (for the ships). I understand that the first won't be possible because not all PLL fans have a LiveJournal, and I don't know how about the ships. The show also does have a competitive footing in this year's PCAs as long as its Favorite Cable TV Drama victory is concerned, wiping out Rizzoli & Isles, Sons of Anarchy, and True Detective in process.

But if PLL were to prove they have a hell lot of social media army, then there is one place to prove itself up...


The SpoilerTV fandom competitions were actually a thing that I discovered last year starting from its Character Cup which has the exact same vein to Fandom March Madness, but the contrast difference is that the competition utilizes 32 currently-running and ended TV shows, apart from the fact that it is open to everyone. But this concept doesn't just applied to its Character Cup, but also its Favorite TV Series which I participated on. Another difference is that it takes a longer time frame from FMM because there are only two match-ups that are played on each day, save for later rounds, because on FMM all match-ups are played in a day.

Samantha Groves, or I should say Root, from Person of Interest, whom we know well as the winner of Zimbio TV Couples March Challenge months ago with Sameen Shaw, is the victor of this year's Character Cup, beating Mickey Milkovich from Shameless in the finals. Apparently, Peggy Carter also made it to the semifinals, but unfortunately her chance for a double victory this was demolished right away, so instead it's Root that currently takes it. Though if Person of Interest won this year's Favorite TV Series competition, then it would be a triple victory for the fandom, apart from the fact that it never tasted any award accolades. The previous winners were Supernatural (the triple winner), Castle (YEAH!), and, more recently last year, Outlander (BANG!).

The Teen Choice Awards total winner Pretty Little Liars was unfortunately up against Person of Interest on Day 3 of the competition, and as expected, PLL didn't have the TCA-sized mass to take down the fandom which incidentally hasn't gotten any award yet. One of my favorites Orphan Black was also among the first fandoms to get the first boot after losing to House on the Day 4 match-up. While Game of Thrones, Veronica Mars, Arrow, The 100, Doctor Who, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Flash, Sherlock, Revenge, new show on the block Sense8, and even Buffy are all gaining, defending champions Castle, Outlander, and Supernatural are at it again, and unfortunately Critics' Choice winner The Americans and yet another fan favorite Once Upon A Time took a very early blow, and so did Parks and Recreation. Full table can be seen here.

As far as this thing is concerned, I guess the best that PLL can do is to snag awards at poll-based award shows like PCA and TCA, with its Achilles' heel being on internet competitions where the furthest its representatives (be it a character or a ship) can go is the second round, compared to its bitter rival The Vampire Diaries that has much more chance on internet competitions despite a little bit short of luck at poll-based award shows.

As the Favorite TV Series still goes on at the time of this post, I will cover about both SpoilerTV-run competitions in the next post. For now, you can go to this link to cast your vote for the latest, currently-running match-ups. And as for the awards season, the Primetime Emmys will be the final stop!


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Butterflysnogged on September 4th, 2015 12:22 am (UTC)
Interesting commentary on Pretty Little Liars. It's not a show I've watched, but it is kind of amazing that it does so well with the TCAs, but not other show competitions.
FANDOM WARRIORfandomwarrior on September 4th, 2015 12:36 am (UTC)

I know. They do so well in poll-based award shows but not internet competition like, say, FMM. Such a pity because they (who voted religiously for them in award shows) seemed reluctant in internet-based polls...