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I'm Rendy, and I'm a college student from Indonesia. I enjoy creating stuffs, mainly add-ons for games, especially racing games on PC. However, racing and creating add-ons aren't just my things; I have a passion in TV series. That's right, watching TV Series is also my hobby, and I enjoy them much just like I enjoy watching race cars racing around the circuit, taking more than an hour a race.

This LJ of mine acts as a blog, but unlike my other blog, this LJ is centered to fandom-related activities. This is where I separate blogs pertaining to race cars, game add-ons, and fandoms for the sake of target audience. I occasionally post about what I would watch here and some recaps and reviews on what I've watched, all while being one of the regulars of Fandom March Madness since 2013 season. Also present is my twitter feed where I tweet stuffs, mostly unrelated to fandoms but worth a check :p

Enjoy your stay! If you'd like to add me to your friend list, do so! I love to make new friends here in this network. All posts are public because I have no passion on posting private, real-life stuffs unless it's about my visit to cool places or what DVD I bought. :)

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The 2019 edition of SpoilerTV Character Cup shall go down in the history books as the competition that served all sorts of firsts and exciting battles throughout the competition, starring some of the favorite TV characters in the world of TV fandom, and featuring a healthy amount of close battles throughout rounds. Defending champion Lucifer set to pull its second consecutive victory, while other shows will also seek for another title in what could be dubbed as the most special Character Cup yet, with all kinds of firsts.

The competition is the second of SpoilerTV's series of summer competition after the Episode Competition in which Lucifer won with "Save Lucifer" episode, a ringer to the show's fourth season campaign last year, completing the show's triple crown on the site after last year's Character Cup and Favorite Series Competition wins.

The competition has marked my fourth involvement in the competition, this time I'm back with full commitment after last year where I had to finish my final project on the go. The competition did not disappoint with what has been in store for this year, which I enjoyed my time there.

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The battle continues as the SpoilerTV competition continues to the upcoming SpoilerTV Awards, of which you can follow the progress on the competition by following SpoilerTV on Twitter and check the site as you wait!

That said, I'm gonna think about what kind of post I'll be making next...


15 July 2019 @ 08:44 pm
I know that I should've posted this two weeks ago, but I was kinda busy with myself, although I haven't touched any of the projects I have. Rest assured, though, I'm focusing myself on job applications and preparations for my brothers' school season with my parents so there's that.

And so, after all the seven years, I've finally made it. Managed to finish my Bachelor's thesis by February, and finally have my graduation at the end of June. Everything has finally settled and all that matters is that I would have to find a good job so that I can sustain myself for things I'd love to have. It was a journey, especially in the final years where I actually struggled to finish the paper in time due to a variety of difficulties I faced.

Going into the graduation ceremony feels unreal, even if it's a month before the D-Day. Those feelings became stronger by the time the graduation announcement date came: reuniting with friends, feeling accomplished, and all those stuffs. Going towards the ceremony rehearsal, it went stronger, and ultimately the ceremony itself. By the time that day came, my gut felt like shouting "here I am" along with my parents and friends, and there I was, I succeeded, after all those years. I always said to myself that this year would be my year of recovery, and I deserved it.

Now that I've completed everything, I have a lot of stuffs to do in my future plans; at the time of this post I already submitted my application to different companies, having refined my CV and played with Illustrator a bit (which I should learn more actually!). Job search is my main priority here because I know there are a lot of stuffs I should afford and my current lifestyle couldn't sustain myself well. Aside of that, personal projects galore, mainly something my main blog covers, plus fixing my current layouts on various sites of mine.

And oh, of course I don't forget about this year's SpoilerTV Character Cup which I finally committed full-time again. I wasn't doing much out of it (which explained the lack of poster I usually made due to my work), but I promise that I would be more involved in the competition, including making my own poster. Given the interesting line-up for this year's competition, I recommend you to check it out and perhaps go as far as submitting your predictions and wishlist there! A blog post containing analysis and recap on the competition is to be expected once the competition ends!

For now, it's time to go towards the future...

E!Online presents TV's Top Couple Generations Forever (Images used courtesy of The CW, Univision, Freeform, Netflix, Showtime, CBC, SyFy, Starz, and ABC)

Despite a little bit later than usual (the first since the 2016 competition), E!Online's annual TV's Top Couple tournament entered its 2019 edition with a new array of talents and higher stakes, featuring 64 canonical ships from various television shows, including the foreign shows as well, a "tradition" since 2017. The Real McCoy of ship competitions have never disappointed in terms of the participating ships and the way polls are run, as well as the diversity of the participants, with a vast history that dates back to 2010, its first year where Chuck's Sarah and Chuck claimed their title.

This year, it gets even better with a mash-up of things: the competition is home to the most queer ships in the competition's history, and introduces two new Mexican contenders of Aristóteles and Temo and Juliana and Valentina, both from Univision telenovelas Mi marido tiene más familia and Amar a muerte respectively. Other headlining names include the entries from Shadowhunters and Wynonna Earp, better known for their People's Choice Awards wins, and top-flight names such as Arrow's Oliver and Felicity (last year's runners-up) and Jamie and Claire from Outlander, plus the runners-up from the Zimbio competition Penelope and Josie from Legacies, being one of the debuting names this year. In terms of battles on the other hand, so many stories are to be told with all the interesting matches done and upsets made in a competition which saw over 170 hours' worth of voting as the competition entered its ninth edition.

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The author would like to thank Magni Onsoien for providing the original script used as a base for the eventual script for this competition. The author would also like to thank various fandoms for interacting with the tables and graphs posted throughout the competition, not just limited to Aristemo and Juliantina fandoms. I have covered the competition since 2016 and the involvement of fandoms for this year in terms of retweets and likes were diverse which actually is the end goal for my job, not just limited to one or two fandoms. Surely I will do this next year, but only God knows whether the poll widget be changed once again or stay the same structure-wise. Last but not least, I want to thank all the people from various fandoms mentioned way above for their contributions in any form which helped the completion of either the spreadsheet or the article in general.

The couple competitions may be over but polls businesses are never over as E!Online's Male Actor Competition will start soon, followed by the TV Scoop Awards this summer, while on SpoilerTV their summer competitions will kick off soon. However, another battle over on TellTale TV Awards also has reached its second round with notable names in television as TV shows fight for wins in show, acting, and ship categories, relying up to you readers to decide who should go to the ultimate round.

From here, the battle still continues...


Step back, it's Zimbio March Madness! (Images used courtesy of The CW, CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, Freeform, and Showtime)

It is March and it is that time again, no matter if some of you readers may hate it. Zimbio's TV Couples March Challenge enters its eighth edition with a mix of new and old ships vying for the glory via March Madness-styled elimination, plus your usual dose of voting race and power hours, slapped together with (occasional) ship wars, anti-votes, bot accusations, and many others, with long voting durations for each round except the last two rounds.

As usual, the Zimbio competition is always open to canon and non-canon ships originated from the show still airing or ended in 2018, featuring characters who are still alive in their respective show(s) during 2018. For this year's competition, two-time champions Dean and Castiel of Supernatural fame stepped up once again to the challenge and became the sole title defender still active in the competition's history, but all-female couples, especially Supergirl's Kara and Lena, will once again fight for the title. Accompanying these two will be the crop of talents that comprise of some of the returning names and debuting ones, ready to pursuit the title with the same energy as the mentioned two have.

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While yet another Zimbio competition is finally in the books, one could wonder where the other shipping competition go. Prior to the competition, there was nothing about the nomination phase of the competition in question, but April will definitely be a month to watch for sure: a gate towards the holy grail of canon TV ships shall open in that month. If you'd like to spend more time on another poll, please visit CarterMatt's TV March Madness to vote for your favorites in Round 3!


(Image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images via The Hollywood Reporter)

The Academy Awards, an annual awards ceremony to decide the superior movie of the awards season, has now reached its 91st iteration with notable contenders vying for the wins. For this year's crop of talents, Black Panther, Roma, A Star Is Born, and Bohemian Rhapsody, along with others, have endured the grueling preceding ceremonies this Awards Season; some walked away with wins, while others walked away empty-handed. But this season is notable for the fact that not even a total domination could be seen across the three previous awards, with different front runners nominations-wise for each award, and some surprise wins amidst some predictable ones.

But even with the promising competition that would set up the climax of the awards season for this year, one could wonder what happened with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' decision-making capabilities after a series of questionable antics, be it an inclusion of the popular movie category, a hosting trouble, or even a consideration of not televising some of the awards. Safe to say that people would consider that the Academy messed this one up way worse than Steven Gerrard slipping hard when Liverpool faced Chelsea in contention for the 2013/2014 Premier League title with all the controversies in mind, the nominations too to some extent.

Bombshells aside, I've finally returned to the Awards Season blogging after my absence that saw me my completion of the Bachelor's thesis I've been working as announced in the previous post. So many things happened since the Golden Globes onwards which shaped the way of this awards season's race towards the climactic Oscars. Lots of stories to tell for both movie and TV categories, but given that the Oscars is on the horizon, this post is the first part of my awards season post of which the focus goes to the competing movies. The next post would revolve around the TV part of the awards season whose journey actually started during last year's Television Critics Association Awards, and ended in SAG Awards.

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The 91st Academy Awards will air Sunday, February 24 at 8 PM EST. US viewers can tune in to ABC for the televised ceremony, while others from other countries can check their local listings. Don't forget to check out the live feeds on Twitter and check out the Academy's Twitter account as well while you're at it!

Part two of the Awards Season post coming soon...


14 February 2019 @ 09:21 pm
So it's been a week since I've completed my Bachelor's thesis defense in a successful fashion. By the end of 2018, I've completed my paper (the Bachelor's thesis in question) and managed to book a seminar presentation two weeks later. Following that, I was busy with completing my administrative prerequisites in order to register for the defense which I actually did last Wednesday. Hell, I didn't even expect that my defense day is tomorrow, right after I submitted my registration. From there on, it was full "balls on" moment in the presentation with me facing my supervisors and examiners, and thanks to my guts (despite a couple stutters at some point) I've managed to succeed my thesis defense and effectively defeat my final demon, after years of facing all sorts of inner demons during the work of the project. More on the project I worked as my thesis' topic can be seen in this post I made on my other blog.

I know that my last article here was about last year's People's Choice Awards and I should've released my Golden Globes article along with the rest of the awards, but due to above circumstances setting my mind on the Awards Season while I was focused fully on finishing my Bachelor's thesis denied them, and effectively explained my AWOL from my usual Awards Season posting here. In fact, I actually had a plan to have a mega post that recaps 2018 in Awards Season and fandom competitions, but it was ultimately dropped in order to finish my paper so I can submit it to my supervisor, which would see its birth before 2019 even came. The thing is, I couldn't came up with content during the timeline, and I apologize for the lack of the Awards Season content for this year.

Rest assured, though, now that I've finished my project and that the Oscars is less than two weeks away, I'm currently racing to ensure I can come up with my Awards Season content here like usual. The next post will obviously be the preview for the Oscars which will be the climax of this Awards Season. The article would have a short recap in previous ceremonies that would lead up to the hype of the main event itself, and would be focused more to the movies due to the topic. That said, the TV section for the topic would have its own post with more detailed stuffs revolving them, detailing the journey from the TCA Awards, to Emmys, and finally the three ceremonies earlier this year. Hopefully I can finish the main article before Monday, but a Sunday release would be better.

It's time to get back into blogging now...


(Image: Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment via E!Online)

November 11, 2018. It was where a new history has finally born in People's Choice Awards; the night's ceremony at Santa Monica marked the first PCAs on E!, after passing the torch from its previous network last year. Gathering the best of movies, television, music, and pop culture, it was where the winners were announced after months of voting period consisting two phases, the preliminary phase and the final phase. With the final voting closed one month prior to the ceremony, it all came down to the final ceremony that lasted the whole night.

The final award skirmish saw Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther, among other movies, fighting for the victories, the same way Shadowhunters, Supernatural, Outlander, Riverdale, and Wynonna Earp, among others, fight for the same reason. While the award also featured notable nominees in music and pop culture categories, the post focuses strictly on movies and scripted television series.

Most importantly, however, I'd like to apologize to you readers for the month-long delay. I've been busy working on my final paper along with other projects that I couldn't have the chance to complete this post way earlier than expected. I should've posted this right after the PCAs but the chores stacked and I couldn't able to do it in time. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the article.

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(Image: E!Online)

New network, new date, and of course new spirit. The 44th edition of People's Choice Awards marks a birth of a new perspective of the existing formula of vote-based awards. With the torch passed to the new network E! from CBS, and the event date changed from their usual run in January to November (outside the Awards Season), expectations arise for an improved PCAs with better voting experience and better winners purely chosen by voting means, especially with the broader voting nature.

With familiar names featured in the final voting round, the stage is set for their fandoms to bring their favorites' glory, whether it's from movies, television, music, or pop culture. However, the post will largely focus on the first two, plus putting emphasis on scripted television shows. This is basically the final test of the fandoms after numerous voting competitions and vote-based awards they've been through.

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People's Choice Awards will be on Thursday, November 11. E! Network will broadcast the show live with guaranteed international airings, so do check out your local listings! Don't forget to pitch your votes to your favorites here 25 times a day in each category before October 19!


(Image: SpoilerTV)

Earlier this year on SpoilerTV, Timeless took Episode Competition victory through "Hollywoodland", and later Lucifer showed their strength with Lucifer Morningstar in Character Cup, along with a rain of wins in the site's Awards. One more victor shall await in the site's ultimate competition: the 2018 SpoilerTV Favorite Series Competition, the eighth edition of the competition that brought 32 current and finished shows to the competition. Multiple ambitions were shown by different shows: Supernatural seeking its former days of glory, Person of Interest looking for the fourth title, Lucifer with a new STV domination after victorious recent fandom outings, and a couple others looking for their first titles which included Timeless, Shadowhunters, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well, as well as others seeking another for the likes of Castle and Outlander.

With the Fall TV season has already approached, both the Series Competition and the SpoilerTV competitions saga have concluded, but the post recaps how everything went through and, as usual, all the stats, and finally, the debut of my own SpoilerTV Competitions Suite. We celebrate the exciting conclusion of what can be considered as yet another "Fandom Season" as we anticipate towards the next one, as well as this year's People's Choice Awards which will come in November and has already have its final voting currently running at the time of this post.

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Introducing SpoilerTV Competition Suite!Collapse )

Finally, it has been an exciting conclusion to yet another SpoilerTV competitions saga with all its fair share of moments and upsets after fandoms try to give their favorite episode, character, and show a victory they deserve. However, the fandom season chapter hasn't concluded yet for this year: one can eye on People's Choice Awards as the final competition, a probable true form of vote-based award where fandoms battle for a coveted trophy!