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It's been a long time. Usually this would come sooner but due to the current real-life workload, World Fandom Championship activities have been stagnant until today. First of all, I would like to say Merry Christmas to you readers who celebrate it, and happy holidays for the rest of you readers! The year 2017 feels too fast and it has been quite an eventful one. Within a week we will turn the new page of the year into 2018. Nobody knows what the year will promise, but the chapter will continue on.

At the same time, with eleven events spanning between award shows and polling competitions, the 2017 World Fandom Championship season has come to an end, after an early start in Critics' Choice Awards and an exciting end in Primetime Emmy Awards in the awards show front and the SpoilerTV Favorite Series Competition in the polling front, the third season has provided some ups and downs for both TV and movie entrants, and who knows we could have an upset here.

With the fact that the standings weren't updated regularly even after Critics' Choice, it is down to one single "update" in a per round basis in chronological order, with position changes and new entrants being added each "update". So far, one winner prevailed in the Characters' Championship: Alex Danvers from Supergirl. For three rounds, Alex propelled herself in the standings along with Maggie Sawyer thanks to Sanvers being consistent in finishing in respectable places for the first two rounds, and being chosen as the one to represent Supergirl in the SpoilerTV Character Cup meant that her chances expanded to dethrone the joint current leaders at the time: Clarke Griffin and Lexa. The tables turned in Alex's favor as The 100 chose Bellamy Blake as its competitor, denying any gain of point for them to maintain the lead. With an eventual victory, Alex finished the three-round season with a Characters' Cup title.

However, what about the World Championship? Who won the Actor's title? And who won the rest of the sub-championships? The question should have been answered since the end of the Emmys, but believe it or not things have been really certain for reasons to be explained much later.

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(Image: SpoilerTV)

The conclusion of the current TV season has finally settled at two different events: the Primetime Emmys as the final award gala this awards season, and the SpoilerTV Favorite TV Competition as the last polling competition of the season, before we even dive the new horizon of the TV season.

This year was quite a diverse year in terms of winners in SpoilerTV competitions. In the Episode Competition, Outlander's "Dragonfly in Amber" won the title after going against Supergirl's "Alex" in the final, but The CW show "responded" it with Alex Danvers winning the Character Cup, defeating Outlander's Jamie Fraser in process. At the end of the day, it was all down to the Favorite Series Competition.

But why this competition was brought to you all by the letter P, you ask? For your information, there were five competitors whose names started with letter P this year: Person of Interest, Poldark, Pretty Little Liars, Prison Break, and Psych. These Ps would later be subdued by stronger rivals over the course of the next couple of rounds, and it left us with only two of them meeting in the finals after successfully defeating their non-P adversaries, and incidentally both of them were finished shows so we could easily guess that an already-finished show with a letter P will win this year's Series Competition, but only one question left: which one?

As usual with all other online competition posts here, I provide Analysis and Recap for this year's competition. How this year's stats compare to last year's, and what happened over the course of 32 voting days and six rounds.

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And with all competitions and award shows completed, another TV season has concluded. Let's up our heads for the new TV season where new seasons of your favorite shows, as well as the new shows, come!

Dynasty reboot, here I come!


"You were expecting a pop culture reference for my next blog..."

(Image: Make A Gif)


"And at the same time you were expecting expected names to win Emmys, BUT IT WAS I, THE UPSET!"

And that how describes the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards for me in terms of wins in expected, media-hyped categories, and combined with the fact that people would expect shows like Westworld and Stranger Things to win the main categories, also including the actor ones. The best part was both Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale have played a role that broke the majority of expectations and is apparently a fan of upsets: Dio Brando.

(Image source)

Guaranteed in making the upset fans drop their jaw lower than Keisuke Takahashi seeing an Eighty-Six doing Kansei Drift right in front of his very eyes in Initial D, the Emmys drew a diverse set of winners and a good dose of moments. The focus of this post however would be the winners due to the fact that I didn't live stream as much both on video or on Twitter, but I kept track of everything on SpoilerTV's live chat, allowing me to talk lots of stuffs with everyone including the Trivago meme.

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Creative ArtsCollapse )

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06 September 2017 @ 08:25 pm
Millions of Earpers solved captchas only to win this crazy chick with a gun. (Image: SyFy)

E!Online's Girl on Top ended days ago, with Wynonna Earp's Melanie Scrofano winning the competition after escaping from the gripes of the one with a very packed fandom in the final round: Alycia Debnam-Carey. I only followed this competition for something to be explained later, but I have never expected an actress I newly a fan of thanks to the series I watched (plus the fact that I watched her Lifetime movie Killer Crush too) would win this one. I would imagine that the final would be a very certain final featuring Eliza Taylor and Alycia, but man, that came out of nowhere and I can not be more happier!

But flashback to months before the TV actress competition, there was the actor counterpart of the competition called Alpha Male Madness. If you felt familiar with this competition, I referenced this on my recap post about SpoilerTV Character Cup before, and the finale was being contended between The 100's Bob Morley and Outlander's Sam Heughan, with the former eventually winning, despite we had this outcome reversed during the Character Cup's Final 4 phase. The Alpha Male Madness competition actually was a start of something I'd like to do after TV's Top Couple, although I didn't regularly follow the competition entirely.

The thing in question is in fact an experiment. Apparently, what the Evak fandom did during February's TV's Top Couple competition had inspired me to do this series of experiment that spans not only Alpha Male Madness, but Girl on Top as well. Originally, I wanted to do this kind of thing during just the actor competition, but my curiosity fueled further during the actress competition, prompting me to pick up where I left off during this experiment. In an attempt of knowing how these competitions in E!Online site are run, including how the head-to-head ties are determined, I have decided to test out the method I'd like to name as the "Evak Method", named after the same fandom that won the couple competition AND the same fandom that showed how it was done.

The Evak Method is basically a method where a number of votes cast within E!Online's poll widget can be determined by calculating the number of votes off of the mobile site with a percentage presented on the desktop site. Using the "Page Source" feature of the web browser or similar, the variable choicePercentage within the desktop version is used to do the math based on the hidden value of the voting, be it a single-group round or an individual tie, within the mobile site with the variable input class="total-votes" value="5626143" type="hidden" where 5626143 is the (sample) number of votes cast. An online server to fetch these data can be set to allow real time updates, with more explanation can be read here. The method is named after the couple that not only won the TV couple competition but also has a team so passionate they came up this very calculation system: Isak Valtersen and Even Bech Næsheim from Norwegian TV series Skam.

The Experiment in FullCollapse )


So it was Friday night my time where I was preparing myself for the live stream of the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. The live stream would start 10:30 pm my time, and at that time I was pretty much prepared after some night house chores beforehand, and dived straight online, first into Twitter. As the clock hits 10:30, plenty of things happened; I exploded over Zayn and Gigi's US Vogue cover beforehand and relinquished my hype towards Emmys faster than the time Ford Mustang takes to reach 100 kph from idle position. God, Anna Wintour, what were you thinking, ruining my mood right before the Emmy nominations are announced?

But that was half of the craziness. The live stream was in fact the announcement of the nominations, and it won't take long for the guys over SpoilerTV to list down the list of nominees, and enough for me to stand by there. Lots of snubs, expected faces, and most importantly, full of crazy, which will be covered later on. But even after all the upsets, here we are, standing in the last awards gala for the season: the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, television's most prestigious prize.

(Image: CBS)

Promising the "action" in the form of TV shows battling for award wins and actor accolades, the 69th edition of television's most prestigious award show provides a race between three worlds: the breakout cable series Westworld from the creator of Person of Interest Jonathan Nolan, the hype-bearing Netflix series Stranger Things, and the broadcast network's Emmy dream bringer This Is Us, featuring limited series masterpieces from the likes of FEUD: Bette and Joan and Big Little Lies set to disrupt the romance of the three 'kingdoms'.

Also worth noting that this post is definitely the first time I ever write a preview for Emmys. I don't remember writing one since this blog was founded lol.

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Justice, craziness, and of course predictions.Collapse )

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The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards will be held at Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater, and aired on Sunday, September 17 at 8pm ET/5pm PT on CBS, hosted by Stephen Colbert. The Creative Arts Emmys will be held on September 14. All I can wish for all the nominees is "may the odds be ever in your favor."


Riverdale - the night's biggest winner (Image: Phil McCarten/Invision/AP / Entertainment Weekly)

This year's Teen Choice Awards have provided the most craziest level of crazy, especially in the Television categories, probably the most-televised set of categories if my Twitter timeline served so. The time for Pretty Little Liars's last stand in the TV circuit of the awards show came with The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf following suit, and Riverdale being the next in the domination throne. The Movie circuit also saw Beauty and the Beast and Wonder Woman battling for most wins as Spider-Man: Homecoming defied the odds in the Summer Movie categories, and Harry Styles making his acting nomination debut for Dunkirk.

I came to this awards show with nothing but a small, private prediction for myself which was posted on my last post and see whether how many picks I had right. In the end, I had 10 correct ones from Movies, only 3 from TV, and 7 from other movie and TV categories, mixed movie/TV categories, and Summer Movie/TV categories combined, for a total of 20 correct answers, although I had to say that most of the categories I predicted had more than one pick (two picks) so I don't think it's as legit as anybody would expect, but nonetheless, so much surprises happened, but there's one point of discussion I'd like to bring up in this which is basically the root of all the surprises happened in this awards show.

This most probably be some kind of a short post out of all award shows I covered earlier on.

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Some more thoughts - Warning: tea spillsCollapse )

Aside from all the brouhaha though, it seems like we had to endure another of Riverdale's domination next year, unless a new Teen show is ready to contend The CW show anytime soon. Can we skip ourselves to the Emmys, please?


(Image: SpoilerTV)

I interrupt the promised Emmys post with the preview of 2017 SpoilerTV Favorite TV Series Competition preview. Currently in the nomination phase at the time of this post, the nominations will be closed two days after Teen Choice Awards which is 15 August, followed with the competition proper hours later.

The seventh edition of the series competition will see 64 shows fighting for glory. In previous seasons, 2010, 2011, and 2013 saw Supernatural take the trophy, with Castle emerged as the winner in 2012, Outlander in 2014, and Person of Interest in 2015 and 2016. This year, the new dawn arises, as POI has effectively become a Finished series, leaving a chance for the new crop of shows to take the victory. However, the show could line up for its third victory, matching Supernatural's record.

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The nomination phase is still on until 15th of August, so make sure you submit your nominations on this page right here! In addition, you can participate in the voting rounds of SpoilerTV Awards by clicking this link, with votes posted daily involving select categories. The competition proper should begin 24 hours within the end of the nomination phase.

See you there!


(Image: FOX)

With the second and final wave of Teen Choice nominations announced to make the full list and the Primetime Emmy nominations also released the same time I found out the US Vogue put Zayn and Gigi on the cover of their newest issue, the stars have aligned for these two polar-opposite award shows. In the leftmost spectrum, it will be Pretty Little Liars' last stand to dominate the awards after its series finale concluded with Riverdale being the potential competitor to the throne, perhaps the other shows like The 100 and Supergirl could be one as well. In the opposite end of spectrum on the other hand, HBO led the number of nominations in total, with Westworld dominating the nomination numbers for a show, but Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale and NBC's This Is Us are set to become the cable show's main contenders.

As these nominations' announcements were adjacent to each other, it's a no-brainer that I titled it as a "Double Trouble", because these are the last two awards to watch this year, except whenever the Critics' Choice Awards would kick off this December that is. Alas, let's open the first leg with Teen Choice first where things get even hotter with the addition of Choice Liplock and Choice TV Ship categories despite only having two waves of nominations...

Welcome to Teen ChoiceCollapse )

The glorious movie race!Collapse )

The television raceCollapse )

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Teen Choice Awards will be aired live on August 13th at 8:00 ET on FOX. For international folks, make sure to never blink on the Twitter feed as tweet feeds (#TeenChoice on Twitter, or similar) can go faster than Lewis Hamilton! The Double Trouble will continue with the second part covering Emmys, with a fair share of craziness already in store...


Breakout characters, broken predictions, brackets, and dreams, and incredible breakthroughs, not to mention occasional breaks between polls. Everything summed up nicely for this year's SpoilerTV Character Cup, now in its fifth year running. All kinds of emotion mixed in one fandom poll festivity which turned out to be one of the cleanest ever, evident with the absence of cheating votes which would led to rematches just like last year.

This year's grid comprised of some of the names that are "characters of the moment" such as The 100's Bellamy Blake, Supergirl's Alex Danvers, Outlander's Jamie Fraser, Stranger Things's Eleven, and many others, while competing against the veterans such as Agent Carter's Peggy Carter, Arrow's Felicity Smoak, and of course BTVS's Buffy Summers, among others. The competition has proved to be a no-holds-barred contest in every round with tough ties, especially when reaching Sweet 16, which made it look like as if it were a UEFA Champions League Round of 16, starring Europe's top clubs you can name of.

Alas, how this year's competition played out?

Competition in NumbersCollapse )

The Full RecapCollapse )

Prediction and ConclusionCollapse )

Now updated with more vital information! Thanks Dahne!

(Image: SpoilerTV)

The new era has begun over SpoilerTV's own Character Cup, now in its sixth year running. This year, the competition takes precedence over the Episode Competition which is still TBA will take place after this competition, followed by the SpoilerTV Awards and finally the Favorite TV Series. The series of competitions have finally surfaced upon the SpoilerTV site!

After a fierce fight in last year's competition which yielded Sameen Shaw as the winner, this year's competition brings in new and returning faces, as well as the has-beens from finished shows. 64 characters from different TV series will fight it out to become the champion in the competition! With a diverse roster and a wide possibility for a new winner, get ready for the wild ride in SpoilerTV's Character Cup!

But first, for those new to the SpoilerTV Character Cup...Collapse )

Meet the bracketCollapse )

Is World Fandom Championship even real?Collapse )

So, the new era of the SpoilerTV Character Cup has begun. Who will the victory belong to? A character from debuting series? A debuting character from existing series? Or will it belong to the veterans? YOU have the power to decide!

Follow the competition here, and don't forget to fill out the predictions while you're at it here! Don't forget also to follow SpoilerTV for more Character Cup updates! The poster will follow in the middle of the competition! The heat begins this Saturday!


P.S.: Episode Contest starts right after the Character Cup ends. Dahne confirmed this after replying me on Twitter!