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26 March 2017 @ 01:15 pm
2017 World Tournament Simulation - Chapter 2: Dramatic Encounters  
Title: 2017 World Tournament - Chapter 2: Dramatic Encounters
Word Count: 2,732
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none

Week 1 of the qualifiers sees all of the first Drama qualifier matchups being played throughout Friday to Sunday. Alex Vause travels to the Bates Motel to face Norman Bates in the Group B, Hugh Glass takes on the visitor Erin Lindsay in Group H, and finally debutant Elliot Alderson hosts a game that will see a forever young Adaline Bowman fighting in his home.

A little note for this chapter onwards: remember the rule where if one competitor draws 1 against opponent's 5 that competitor wins? Well, apparently I've changed my mind; it will be treated as normal, meaning that in that same case, the opponent wins the game in a dominant fashion.

"World Fandom Association delegations, presidents, general secretaries, and representatives of the confederations and participating television and movie franchises, distinguished guests, and ladies and gentlemen. It gives me a honor and pleasure to welcome you to Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, California tonight to witness the first preliminary draw of the 2017 World Tournament qualifiers."

"As you know, the World Tournament has been a growing for the past years since its inception. From the sport that only meets the best in television and movies, to a sport that also encompasses stars of all walks of life as well. Year by year, we see some of the interesting and the best matches involving not just fictional characters but also real-life stars, and more fans come to the arena to watch their favorite stars perform."

"But what makes World Tournament gets better every year is not just the high standards and a great crop of talent that we have witnessed for the past eight years. It is the fact that we have finally embraced what could be thought as the precious word that connects every community from around the world until today: diversity. World Tournament knows no barriers that separate race, nationality, sexuality, and a whole lot of things. Everyone has the same chance to compete, traversing the same path, and go for the same goal: victory. The TV showrunners and movie directors have embraced theirs and reflected their choices upon this competition, and everyone including us always strive to hope that the diversity continues to grow."

"However, most importantly, I would emphasize to all of the competing franchises to compete under the banner of 'fair play' and 'sportsmanship' in all of the forthcoming matches, both inside and outside the arena."

"On the behalf of the WFA delegations, I wish to all of the participants 'good luck' in the qualifiers. Thank you very much."

- A short excerpt of the opening speech of the first preliminary draw from Patrick Callahan, World Fandom Association president, held on October 18, 2016.

October 21, 2016. The first week of qualifiers have finally begun, with the first set of match on the first day (Friday), and goes through until Sunday. The Drama qualifiers took place with 18 matches in six different groups being played. This will be the first chance for the competitors to score points in their group in order to ensure their placement in the 2017 World Tournament.

The following will detail how the fights are run:
  • There will be four rounds played in group stage games, and three or five for knockout stage games.

  • Each round plays for 99 seconds to reflect the fighting game approach.

  • In knockout stages, if the match is held single-leg, only the number of round wins will be count.

  • During one round in either a two-legged knockout match or a group stage match, the winner of the round can score the following point based on the method of victory:

    • 3 points for a Perfect KO (the winner is unharmed when knocking out the opponent).

    • 2 points for normal KO.

    • 1 point for time out (determined by the health bar viewed by the in-venue panel if the 99 second timer runs out).

  • The winner of the match that utilizes above points system is the one who scored the most points in one match.

  • In two-legged knockout matches, an additional round may be issued if the following conditions are met:

    • Both competitors scored the same amount of points by the second leg.

    • Both competitors win either in their respective home or away games.

October 21, 2016

The Group B matches are the first of the fixtures being played for the day, starting with Rachel Goldberg vs Joan Watson. Taking place in the Everlasting Mansion, the show's director took on the detective in a match with an attendance of 100 people due to the limited number of seating available at the venue. Goldberg dominated the first two rounds by knocking out the detective after a couple of blows. Vexed, Watson unleashed her pistol for the next round which was the key for Watson's first KO victory, but Goldberg continued to reign to achieve her first points in the group.

Saul Goodman faced Noah Solloway in the continuation of the group's first fixture. Goodman took the first two games easily against the visitor with both being KO wins, but Solloway found his rhythm by the time the third round came though it wasn't as satisfying as Goodman's win as it was a time out win for Solloway. The fourth round saw Goodman almost taking down Solloway with the round's timer went to zero and Goodman's health point had a lot to spare.

Finally, Norman Bates squared off against Alex Vause in the first fixture of the group in what could be the day's most-watched match. Both Bates and Vause were equal in terms of power, to the point that up to Round 2 both attained a win by a means of time out. Vause, however, put the Bates Motel attendants to shame as she took down Bates in a perfect KO, and later another time out victory. Bates exploded for a while upon his loss for a short time before finally calming himself down.

"I feel bad for Norman," a fan said in an interview, "Norma could've easily won over that prisoner over there (referring to Vause), but I guess he's not in his best form. Maybe his 'Norma Bates' [persona] didn't come out yet."

Goldberg, Goodman, and Vause led the Group B standings with three points, with Goldberg in front thanks to her three KO wins.

Rachel Goldberg6 - 2Joan Watson
Saul Goodman5 - 1Noah Solloway
Norman Bates2 - 4Alex Vause

Group A started with a match between Lady Mary Talbot and Spencer Reid taking place in the outskirts of the Downton Abbey. The Lady started off with a barrage of attacks but they were easily dodged by Reid, and brilliantly landed a couple of deadly attacks to the Lady per his calculations, dominating the game with four wins without mercy much to the home fans' disbelief.

Carrie Mathison also put a great show when battling Therese Belivet in the group's first fixture. Belivetcaught off guard in the first round which allowed Mathison to earn her a perfect victory, but in the second round Belivet played a more aggressive strategy, despite ending with Mathison's second win by time out. The young girl didn't manage to take a win until the fourth and the final round where she, in an unexpected manner, knocked Mathison out.

Dana Scully took the visitor Danny Rayburn in the third game in group and the last in the schedule. While Scully had to dodge Rayburn's gunshots, she managed to win two games by time out, but the third round saw Rayburn equalize the condition with a KO win. This didn't last long however as Dana would later retaliate with a KO win, which collected her the precious points she needed in the standings.

At the end of the day, Spencer Reid ended the first Group A fixture in a high note, with three points and ten points scored, building himself a sizable lead. Mathison and Scully were both tied in the standings, with a second place up for grabs. Mary Talbot on the other hand had to consider dominating the game to avoid herself from the rock bottom.

Mary Talbot0 - 10Spencer Reid
Carrie Mathison6 - 2Therese Belivet
Dana Scully4 - 2Danny Rayburn

October 22, 2016

The second day of the qualifier started with a battle between suited men facing against each other: lawyer Harvey Specter against businessman Christian Grey. Taking place in New York's Central Park, Harvey hoped to give the businessman a lesson he would never forget as he took two wins by time out, but Grey changed the game with his whip which brought Specter to KO in the third round, and won the game again in the next despite the lawyer's efforts to avoid another KO win. Christian Grey won by a narrow 3-2.

"JAJAJAJAJAJAJA" wrote @gachagacho on Twitter in response to Specter's loss against Grey.

The next game of the day was Amanda Clarke against Jonathan Pine, set on the beach of Hamptons. Pine thought that his war tactics would hold a great key to overcome Clarke, but it didn't take long for her to score a couple of wins, with a perfect KO in the first round. She would win the next subsequent games without resistance, although Pine managed to bring her third round win to a time out.

Frank Underwood and Temperance Brennan faced each other for the last Group D game in this fixture. Both competitors seemed to be on the equal grounds in the first round despite Brennan's time out win, but Underwood's KO win took the upper-hand in the second round. Brennan would later pay back Underwood with a perfect win in the third round until Underwood did the same in the fourth after all the parrying, ending the game into the former's favor.

Amanda Clarke lead the standings after the first fixture thanks to her undefeated performance during her game, with Underwood and Grey neck-to-neck in win points scored.

Harvey Specter2 - 3Christian Grey
Amanda Clarke8 - 0Jonathan Pine
Frank Underwood5 - 4Temperance Brennan

"yay @ leo in the world cup! #wtq" @sarahsstuff on Twitter commented during the Hugh Glass vs. Erin Lindsay game.

The Group H started with a headlining battle between Hugh Glass and Erin Lindsay. Everyone, including the fans and the pundits, expected that Glass would win this in a landslide, but the reality told otherwise: both were equally matched against each other, and Lindsay was able to escape from Glass's attacks. This earned her three wins in the game, but Glass broke her streak during the third round, and all wins were made by a means of time out. Lindsay's hit-and-run approach, while effective, raised a question whether this would work against the next competitor she will face in the next fixture.

John Luther and Richard Castle were next in the group. Both were also equal in strength, with Castle managed to out-strength Luther despite running out of time. Luther would then managed to counter this with two consecutive wins, also by time out, but it didn't take long for Castle to knock Luther out which eventually made himself the winner of this game, especially with his pistol finisher.

Mickey Milkovich faced Brian Finch in his home neighborhood of Canaryville, Chicago. For three rounds, both were equally matched against each other, scoring time out wins, two of which went into the visitor's favor. The fourth round however became an opening for Finch to finish out Milkovich, ending the game with a 4-1 lead. The crowd took no time to boo Milkovich for his home loss and the competitor countered with a rather 'color' finger gesture.

The first fixture of Group E ended with Finch attaining a sizable difference, but being close with Lindsay and Castle meant that the next fixture could be anyone's game, even for the losers of the current game.

Hugh Glass1 - 3Erin Lindsay
John Luther2 - 3Richard Castle
Mickey Milkovich1 - 4Brian Finch

October 23, 2016

The final two groups for the week pitted Group E competitors playing against each other for the first fixture. Terri LaCroix went against Jane Doe in the group's first game, and nobody would expected that none of the rounds ended with nothing but time out wins. Jane Doe, with a striking hairstyle and only wearing a white tank top at the match, gave an edge on LaCroix for three consecutive rounds which guaranteed her win, while LaCroix was able to seize the fourth.

Olivia Pope faced Will Graham in her home in Washington, but it wasn't a good start for the host as she suffered a KO loss to Graham. Olivia slowly put her guard up and managed to bring Graham's victory by time out, and later hers by the same method. The fourth round however unleashed Will Graham's special technique and managed to edge out Pope by a perfect KO, ending the game in his favor.

"Serena van der Woodsen vs Mr. Robot in the first day. Unfair! (T_T) #WTQ" wrote @blakevdw on Twitter, taking the account that the user thought Adaline Bowman and Serena van der Woodsen were the same person.

The final game in the group saw Elliot Alderson against Adaline Bowman, of which people mistook her for Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen online. The first two rounds were in Bowman's favor despite having to end with no time left, but later on Alderson 'hacked' the third round in style by knocking out Bowman, equalizing the game, and eventually did the same in the next to ensure his victory.

Will Graham went home in the group with the biggest points difference out of everyone, with Jane Doe and Alderson neck-to-neck against each other also in terms of points differences.

Terri LaCroix1 - 3Jane Doe
Olivia Pope1 - 6Will Graham
Elliot Alderson4 - 2Adaline Bowman

The Group I fixtures also closed the first week of the qualifiers along with the previous group. Lou Solverson took on country singer Scarlett O'Connor in his home. At first, both were equally matched and won their rounds during the span of two rounds, but the singer lost her guard by the third round as Solverson saw the wide opening, allowing him to KO her in the third round and eventually a perfect KO in the next.

The next match met Annalise Keating with Jane Rizzoli. The Boston detective managed to knock out Keating in the first round, but the latter quickly turned the tide in the next two rounds, leaving the detective in a mission to attain a KO win in the last round. Despite a valiant effort and a win for Rizzoli, it wasn't enough as it was a time out win, handing the eventual victory to the home side.

Matt Casey and Alicia Florrick went head-to-head in Chicago, of which the match was held at the same venue. In an effort to follow the path of his compatriot Erin Lindsay, Casey put his firefighting techniques at play which saw him succeeding in knocking out Florrick without a resistance in the first round, but Florrick didn't play by the same book by the time the second round came, although it ended with Casey winning. Florrick won her game by a time out, and in the fourth round she barely won her game as Casey was given a win by time out, with an awfully close gap between the two health bars.

In the end, the group ended with Solverson leading the standings, with Casey in second and Keating in third. Rizzoli meanwhile has got a better chance in turning the condition for the fixture with a close points difference against Keating.

Lou Solverson6 - 1Scarlett O'Connor
Annalise Keating4 - 3Jane Rizzoli
Matt Casey5 - 1Alicia Florrick

The end of the first week of qualifiers left a high note for favorites Rachel Goldberg, Carrie Mathison, Elliot Alderson, and Annalise Keating to name a few, but also left a bitter end for many especially Mary Talbot, the competition's favorite, who suffered her biggest lost. Norman Bates, and Hugh Glass, who both came in with the biggest of expectations by the pundits, fell victim to this as well. It is understandable that this is just the first fixture, with four more still to be played. However, as everyone aims for the Top 2, the journey will be anything but easy.

The second week will feature other three confederations beginning their qualifying rounds, being Comedy, Teen, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. The continuation of the first Drama matches will also feature award favorites Gerda Wegener and Elizabeth Jennings, and Marcia Clark and Tom Keen go head-to-head, with the second set of matches finally played in the same confederation which will see Therese Belivet and Lady Mary Talbot's royal showdown, and Norman Bates and Rachel Goldberg getting it on.

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While I haven't watched Bates Motel yet, I discovered the scene when Norman becomes Norma Bates for a moment. This very scene was the inspiration of what has become of what the random fan just said earlier.

Also worth noting that I broke my own rule as stated in this main post. In accordance to the rule, Lou Solverson, the Fargo character who has appeared in two seasons, replaces Lorne Malvo. Here, Lou's appearance assumes his Season 2 persona, 'time traveling' to present just like a couple of characters featured here like Lady Mary Talbot and Therese Belivet do. As I noted here, the first chapter has been corrected. The storyline justification for this is that the crew mistakenly wrote Lou for Lorne at the time of the preliminary drawing.

As the next chapter will have a lot of matches played, it'll get a bit TL;DR-ish. To avoid this, I'll try squeezing down the word count by writing shorter summaries instead, but by no means any of the matches will get overlooked.

I feel bad for Lady Mary. I know this is just a simulation, but God, I swear Lady Mary is a much better competitor! Hopefully the next match against Therese Belivet justifies this.

Only in this fan fiction a Sophia Bush character virtually managed to win over a Leonardo DiCaprio character, and only in this fan fiction Blake Lively could edge out Rami Malek in the first two rounds of their game before Rami could KO her lol!

Also, don't forget to bring more popcorns because next chapter will feature some well-known characters finally making their qualifier debuts!

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