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20 October 2015 @ 12:51 am
A Fashion Week Calculation A Day Keeps Emmys Away (Very Long Overdue)  
At last, two competitions have ended months ago: SpoilerTV's Favorite TV Competition and 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards, which I have both introduced. This means that both events closed the 2015 Fandom Season. But, you might wonder WTF "Fandom Season" is, so read on because all the answers are all hiding beneath the LJ Cut...

Unfortunately, with the fact that I did some Excel calculations on Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week, I had a very little attention to the stuffs I had planned weeks ago, and it finally took its toll as calculating these led me to the fact that I missed the Emmys. Yes, you read that right. I would normally pull a John Hindhaugh in the Emmys had I paid attention to it, but I was too stupid that I kept continuing the Fashion Week nobody else asked for, especially because models.com doesn't update its Runway Rankings in a very swift manner. It doesn't help as I started to binge Carmilla, follow Heroes Reborn, and most importantly underwent another case of a vanilla birthday of mine which is 15th October, causing me to endlessly obsessing over Marland Backus and Natasha Negovanlis over the course of this month. Long overdue, I know, so it has to be done.


As I missed the Emmys and didn't pay much attention to the Favorite TV Series competition (the last time I did pay attention was on Day 22 where I voted Supernatural and Castle when they were up against Revenge and Doctor Who respectively), this would be another set of very straightforward recaps and may contain peanuts we alternatively call as "blandness".

But after days later the Final Eight had taken shape, and among them were Buffy the Vampire Fandom Slayer, breakout newcomer Person of Interest, resident multiple champion Supernatural, and Emmy dominator Game of Thrones. Castle bid goodbye in Sweet 16 so I am left with nothing to root except Root's fandom, although I ran away from voting my buns in the competition for some reason. However, the Slayer and the resident champion also bid Auf Wiedersehen to their championship after Elite 8. In the end, Hannibal and Person of Interest made the last fandom polling battle in 2015. Without any doubt though, Person of Interest's clean sweep in SpoilerTV grounds became the undeniable truth after winning against the former. What's more interesting is that winning three competitions this year made clear that Person of Interest is the clear breakout newcomer fandom, although it actually runs five seasons already at the time of this post. But having years of airing yet just surfaced in competitions this year and dominating them reminds me of how some fashion models in fashion week ran their first season as a designer exclusive and then going normal the next season only to be touted as their "first season" by models.com standards.

But then the Emmy came, and let's not forget that Game of Thrones had 24 nominations, meaning that unless the fandom didn't win anything it would mean a total domination a la Le Mans for the fandom, just like Pretty Little Liars in Teen Choice, only this time it is one of the best fandoms out there across multiple competitions and awards. It turned out to be very, very true as Game of Thrones won 12 of its total nominations, which equals half of its initial nominations, and that also includes Best Drama Series. Not even American Horror Story and Veep can match the mentioned show, interestingly though Adventure Time finally won an award which means that I should be happy but I guess it is way overdue to be happy, especially if you just happen to know all the winners months after the ceremony is over.

In the Telecast, Game of Thrones won four categories including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Drama Supporting Actor, while Viola Davis of How To Get Away With Murder taught everyone in the Outstanding Drama Lead Actress field how it's done, and yes, everyone including Tatiana Maslany that I championed from the Day 1. Veep meanwhile won Outstanding Comedy Series in a surprising manner, and Olive Kitteridge was the dominator of the Telecast categories, winning six including Outstanding Limited Series and Outstanding Limited Series Lead Actress courtesy of Frances McDormand, talk about domination outside Critics Choice Awards.

And then there's the Creative Arts Awards held a week before the Telecast. The Creative Arts held more nominations than the Telecast did, and this would explain how Game of Thrones got its 24 total nominations, aside from the Telecast ones. Here, GoT won eight categories, American Horror Story tried to match the fandom but ended up winning five, and Adventure Time won two, but that includes Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program. One-off wins by known fandoms for this field were awarded to Downton Abbey, The Americans, The Big Bang Theory, Shameless, Modern Family, Veep, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The complete lists can be found here (interesting to see a downloadable PDF for listing the award winners and stuff)


So for the last ten months I have been tirelessly babbling about competitions between fandoms in various grounds, from People's Choice Awards to Fandom March Madness and finally the Primetime Emmys, and using best car racing moments to describe the battle between fandoms, but you keep wondering why the hell I do all these stuffs. Any instance of mine like "Just cause", "doing it for fun" and "I have no idea left" do not help, I know, so I will just bluntly state my reason why: Determining which fandom is the champion; the one that consistently slayed the award shows and internet competitions. In other words, I am imagining a "united" championship after all this time where the three mentioned competitions are just some of the rounds of the championship. The only question remains the same: What form will it take?


Initially, I project this one under the name Fandom World Series which is a pun of 24H SERIES, though I'm planning to make it look something like "World Fandom Championship" which motif and all other stuff takes its inspiration from FIA World Endurance Championship, but it would be a matter of logo work because I had incorporated several fonts that made my track keeping look like something out of FIA WEC's mobile app, and it's all thanks to a top-down racing game mod. Whatever the style will be, the premise remains the same: People's Choice Awards, Golden Globes, Screen Actors' Guild Awards, LJ's own Fandom March Madness, Zimbio's TV Couples March Challenge, E! Online's Top TV Couple, Critics' Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, SpoilerTV's competitions (Favorite TV Show & Character Cup), and Primetime Emmy Awards ARE the rounds for this multidisciplinary competition, totaling them into ten rounds, with FMM and ZMM being the "double points" round.

As it is multidisciplinary, consisting of two disciplines of internet poll and awards show, each discipline has its own set of rules: while the internet poll-based competitions are as simple as seeing the position of competitors and use their percentage from the round they lose as the tiebreaker, the award shows use a different rule where competitors started out with one point per nomination, and then depending on their category win, they will add up points, with 5 points awarded for outright categories (Best TV Series, Best TV [insert genre]), 3 points for lead and supporting actor/actress categories, and 2 points for miscellanous wins (including Guest Actor/Actress categories, and other Best categories). In the end, the outright winner is the one that scored the most points in that award show. Talk about being classified, there is a catch for both disciplines: in polls, at least the fandom must reach the second round of the competition while in awards at least one representative of the fandom in any nomination must win.

The points distribution for all rounds (including the Double Points ones) are as follows:

PlaceNormalDouble Points
9th / Sweet 1612
Others / Round 20,51
On some occasions the point scoring may alter

A system is not without its flaws. Of course, there are several problems with this WFC, particularly the lack of competitions which also involve movie franchises, hence you won't see The Hunger Games, The Avengers and Insurgent become the "World Champion" this year. The ten rounds I propose are the ones that I have spotted and am familiar with that they should be made into a round for the project, yet sadly few of them allow movie franchises to go in equal footing against the TV franchises. Plus, I would die if there is a ZMM-styled competition where it also involves movie pairings. Not only that, some certain rounds are somehow less exciting like Golden Globes and SAG Awards for example. Both of these awards only have too few categories, rendering them unsustainable for an "exciting" competition. Unless that I found another competition between PCA and FMM though, I'm running with these two rounds.

I will talk more about this later and find out who will be the World Champion of this inaugural season, if it really exists that is.


Screw Jakarta Comic Con, I traded off such a moment with a worry-free island visit with friends. Though somehow there's a part of this island that feels like #Survivor, like this one...

Screw Jakarta Comic Con, I traded off such a moment with a worry-free island visit with friends. Though somehow there's a part of this island that feels like #Survivor, like this one...

A moment since its announcement, I would die for an appearance in Jakarta Comic Con. This is the most different pop culture convention that I would ever attend and to break my silence on my hiatus of my attending pop culture conventions. The fact that I was really looking forward to this thing is backed up by three different reasons: a) All pop culture conventions I ever attended were Japanese culture conventions, hence why I am bored and looking for something different; b) Successor to the cancelled FandomFest Jakarta which should've been running last year but due to internal reasons it was cancelled; c) There are tad too much shows to consider, especially on Saturday and Sunday, that I had problems in deciding it. There's an important seminar worth coming on Saturday and on Sunday there's a Group Category of Cosplay Competition, and who knows I could spot some interesting performances there.

Unfortunately, my visit to the beach of the Sangiang Island throughout Jakarta Comic Con's timeline has become a trade-off for my visit there, but the trade-off is for a good reason: I cannot continue maintaining my fandom self for personal enjoyment without a good dose of extraordinary social life with friends. While everyone drooled at Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead booths while hunting for some Funko Pops, I on the other hand was enjoying the best beach view ever with friends, in fact we went trekking to some of the best views in the island, including the top of the cliff where we got to see the whole beach and other reefs, enough to see the entire Comic Con location if it were roofless. The funny thing is, the stay that lasted one night and two days felt like Survivor, with only the beach view and absolutely no backstabbing, idols or whatever. Not to forget that the moment we were to return to the Anyer Harbor we took a chance to snorkel and see the beauty of the underwater reefs. Thankfully, no jellyfish were found, but sadly not a good swimmer I am lol.

At the end of the day, the island visit was a good trade-off for a Comic Con visit. Though still, one thing is left unchanged: Fashion Week ruined myself, and was a painful trade-off for Emmys. And yes, vanilla birthday is still vanilla, even if it's a cream puff. And now that everything's over, let my 200% productivity on projects and several binge-watches commence!

PS: If you haven't paid attention what does the LJ Cut just said, you need to hear this one out. Done? Now you're getting it :D

But that's just half of the reference, though :p


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Butterflysnogged on October 21st, 2015 12:40 am (UTC)
Viola Davis is amazing.

Also, yay for Adventure Time getting a win.

Beautiful photos!