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03 June 2015 @ 12:15 am
The Shocker Exists! 2015 Critics' Choice Awards  
Just when you least expect it, the big players only win few in this year's Critics' Choice Awards. Unlike last year's run which glorified the likes of Orange is The New Black and Tatiana Maslany, what the critics have glorified somehow shocked everyone. All my predictions are shattered in the same fashion as my FMM Office Pool this year. Nevertheless, the fight for category wins were so fierce, everyone on Twitter would Tweet a drink for their favorite stars.

See? (Image: Critics' Choice on Twitter)

No, I'm not kidding. THEY REALLY DID IT.


The first wave of the awards was dedicated to supporting actors, actresses and guest performers in Comedy and Drama series. Jonathan Banks and Lorraine Toussaint both scored first wins for Better Call Saul and OITNB respectively in the Drama ranks. Silicon Valley and Mom both follow suit with T.J. Miller and Allison Janney scored respective Best Supporting Actor/Actress in Comedy series, but interestingly the latter finally enjoyed a total win in contrast to her last year's tie with OITNB's Kate Mulgrew. The condition got worse with Sam Elliott of Justified won the Best Guest Performer in Drama series while Bradley Whitford of Transparent won its Comedy counterpart. This of course resulted in a six-way tie for the lead and somehow denied chances for HTGAWM, The Good Wife, Girls and The Big Bang Theory.

(Katheryn Winnick, the actress you know as Lagertha in Vikings. She was wiped out too early in this year's FMM, but apparently the CCA team tried to find her Viking horn while giving her a good drink in return... Image: Critics' Choice on Twitter)

As the gala continued to the Limited Series honors, Olive Kitteridge dominated the night with three wins: Best Limited Series, Best Supporting Actor (Bill Murray) and Best Actress (Frances McDormand), only missing out Best Actor win from David Oyelowo of Nightingale. American Horror Story thankfully didn't go home empty-handed this year with Sarah Paulson winning the Best Supporting Actress category out of the show's three nominations overall, with the one-off Animated Series win goes to, once again, Archer. Just what Lana Kane needed to avenge her FMM loss this year to Tina Belcher of Bob's Burgers...

The feels part came the moment "Tribute to TV Shows" played. It showcased newly-ended shows this year and already-ended memorable shows years back. Unfortunately, it was a double feels: I cannot access ANY live streaming of this year's CCAs. It won't play even if my internet was more than enough to be ready, even resorting into Radio Le Mans didn't help either. Would love listening John Hindhaugh's commentaries as I follow everything on Twitter feeds, but there wasn't any track activities heard on the said radio. Speaking on the radio stuff though, it would be cool if there's a radio channel where it broadcasts award shows in case video streaming options are being a pain in the buns.

(James Corden had a passionate liplock with Allison Janney, and Cat Deeley pointed out that it also involved tongues. Image: London Evening Standard)

Hype intensified with main categories of Best Actor/Actress and Best Comedy and Drama shows were being announced. They had two jobs: Attempt to match Olive Kitteridge's record of three wins this year and put the end to the battle royale in both Comedy and Drama genre. Amy Schumer of Inside Amy Schumer surprised everyone in the Comedy space and somehow subdued Gina Rodriguez, Ilana Glazer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus per critics' say for the Best Actress, while Jeffrey Tambor scored another award win and second Transparent win in the Best Actor category, but Silicon Valley jumped on also with two wins, this time winning the Best Comedy award which spelled the tragic ends for Jane The Virgin, Broad City and Veep. Better Call Saul also won its second Critics Choice ground win thanks to Bob Odenkirk in the Best Actor, while Best Actress had Taraji P. Henson of Empire fame subduing HTGAWM's Viola Davis and The Good Wife's Juliana Margulies. The Americans however settled the score in a shocking fashion, claiming the prides of Empire, Game of Thrones and OITNB altogether. The inaugural "Most Bingeworthy Award" pitted AHS Freak Show, Empire, Game of Thrones, OITNB, Vikings and The Walking Dead in an online voting-driven grounds, with The Walking Dead emerged victorious in the said category.

Olive Kitteridge was this year's Critics' Choice Awards big winner with three wins, with Silicon Valley and Transparent gracing second and third with Better Call Saul out of the Top 3 in fourth, taking the outright best series genre wins and best actor/actress wins into account. Out of the listed fandoms however, Better Call Saul actually won the CCAs, with The Americans and Archer both catching up in second place and Empire outside the Top 3. Despite all the wins and losses, everyone in the gala deserved one thing to enjoy: DRINKS, delivered by the tweets of their fans. It even made the competition for the most wins look like a family outing dinner, not to mention other memorable moments, such as James Corden who had a passionate lip contact with Allison Janney. The gala's host and reality show host Cat Deeley said tongues were involved in process.

More complete list of winners and in-depth statistics can be found here.


With Critics' Choice Awards concluded, the fandom awards circus packs its way to Teen Choice Awards, the polar opposite of judge-driven awards like CCAs and Emmys. Like People's Choice Awards, everyone gets to vote on which nominee will win respective categories (so much for a fandom "war"-type of an awards show), and it also awards movies, TVs and music. The catch is, teens have THE biggest voices to vote and also adds Digital, Fashion, Sports and other categories in addition to the aforementioned three. Expect a repeat victory from The Vampire Diaries and One Direction, but I myself expect more for total fandom competitions between nominees displayed by the netizens who like to type "bae" instead of "baby" (oh please... -_-) and listens 1D at the same time just like any position battles in racing events you can think of. (JANDALS!)

TCA nominations commenced a very long time ago and is done on Twitter and Instagram, in which they can post their nominations by using the "#categoryname" hashtag followed by their favorite's name. The nomination ends on July 2nd and the nominees will be revealed sometime in July, with the awards gala commence on August 16th, which is IN the timeline of my Student Study Service (in the whole August btw), so I will not commentate much on that. As for the nominees, I have no doubts, except for the Choice Model category. Here, it takes the very courage and lots of balls to not bother nominating Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, but in return it takes a superb amount of guts and rebellious minds to decide between Aamito Stacie Lagum and Kate Grigorieva as they are both my favorite models. Both deserve a place in this award but seeing at how hype-driven the fashion fandom is, Kate G is the only go-to given the fact that she is one of the newest Victoria's Secret Angels. The lingerie brand is probably one of the keys in the mentioned hype-driven fandom, so I logically made a decent choice although it might be fruitless in the end. As for the other categories, it's all on random whim mode, auto "Taylor Swift", auto "Tatiana Maslany", auto "Caskett", and trolling for fun; nominating Natasha Negovanlis for Choice Female Web Star is an example of this.

But the bottom line is, the fandom season continues...


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Butterflysnogged on June 3rd, 2015 04:26 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to hear that Archer snagged a win.