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I'm Rendy, and I'm a college student from Indonesia. I enjoy creating stuffs, mainly add-ons for games, especially racing games on PC. However, racing and creating add-ons aren't just my things; I have a passion in TV series. That's right, watching TV Series is also my hobby, and I enjoy them much just like I enjoy watching race cars racing around the circuit, taking more than an hour a race.

This LJ of mine acts as a blog, but unlike my other blog, this LJ is centered to fandom-related activities. This is where I separate blogs pertaining to race cars, game add-ons, and fandoms for the sake of target audience. I occasionally post about what I would watch here and some recaps and reviews on what I've watched, all while being one of the regulars of Fandom March Madness since 2013 season. Also present is my twitter feed where I tweet stuffs, mostly unrelated to fandoms but worth a check :p

Enjoy your stay! If you'd like to add me to your friend list, do so! I love to make new friends here in this network. All posts are public because I have no passion on posting private, real-life stuffs unless it's about my visit to cool places or what DVD I bought. :)

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(Image: The CW/ABC/MTV/Netflix/HBO/Freeform, art by Rafael Hidalgo/Zimbio)

For the past five editions of Zimbio TV Couples March Madness Challenge, the competition has been won by same-sex pairings, with Gossip Girl's Blair and Chuck and OUAT's Rumple and Belle almost had it in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Bonnie and Damon of The Vampire Diaries fame succeeded this mission three years later, but as with both pairs, the fate wasn't in their favor. Surrounded by the lesbian Final 4, this year was the chance of them breaking the curse.

But at the same time, three all-female pairs also settled their score: opposite Bamon was Emma Swan and Regina Mills, also known as Swan Queen, four-time Final 4 finalists in the competition since 2014, and has never got further the round before. Whoever ship won the match got to face against either the reigning champion Clarke Griffin and Lexa (Clexa) in pursuit for their second title (and probably their last) or the new ship on the block of Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor (Supercorp) who were debuting this year on a high note by reaching Final 4.

Although marred with cheating accusations and alleged use of bots, the 2017 edition of Zimbio's TV Couples March Madness Challenge has offered what could be called an exciting match where unexpected wins were produced at the last hours. New couples and veterans pushed their voting efforts to win rounds after rounds, until only one remain. As with other polling competitions, this post recaps some of the actions during every round and of course puts a new meaning of "stat attack," not just the basic statistics right below.

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Title: 2017 World Tournament - Chapter 2: Dramatic Encounters
Word Count: 2,732
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none

Week 1 of the qualifiers sees all of the first Drama qualifier matchups being played throughout Friday to Sunday. Alex Vause travels to the Bates Motel to face Norman Bates in the Group B, Hugh Glass takes on the visitor Erin Lindsay in Group H, and finally debutant Elliot Alderson hosts a game that will see a forever young Adaline Bowman fighting in his home.

A little note for this chapter onwards: remember the rule where if one competitor draws 1 against opponent's 5 that competitor wins? Well, apparently I've changed my mind; it will be treated as normal, meaning that in that same case, the opponent wins the game in a dominant fashion.

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(Image: NRK & Freeform via E!Online)

Another year of E!Online's TV's Top Couple, another year of LGBT ship faceoff, this time featuring Shadowhunters' Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, who marked their second appearance in the final, and the breakout dark horse coming from Norway: Skam's Isak and Even. Both have gone through the finals in their first ever year, both are gay couples, and both are those worth celebrating for. Once again, whoever won has colored that shiny championship trophy in style.

As usual, so many upsets and surprises abound during the competition's run for all ship fandoms competing. For me personally, I have learned my lesson from last year, which is to stand by minutes before every voting deadline to finalize the results for the sake of record keeping, and I did for almost every round sans Final 4 where I missed it (but thankfully the guys on Twitter saved my slump there). Even, I stored a little surprise after the recap!

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Title: 2017 World Tournament - Chapter 1: Road to Dream
Word Count: 3,951
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Bates Motel 4x10, Person of Interest 5x13, The 100 3x07, Sleepy Hollow 3x18.

The tournament begins with the Week 0 of the qualifier, beginning with the closing of the registration, the final seeding, and the revelation of the spreadsheet table. Who will the hundreds of qualifiers face off against?

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The end of the 89th Academy Awards has marked the curtain's close for the Awards Season's movie chapter, and sure it was ended with a bang. At glance, I thought that a movie like La La Land, who has won a lot of awards right from the first time it's won Critics' Choice all the way to the Golden Globes, could seize the Best Picture as a way to conclude their Awards Season outing in a high note. However, the fate, precisely the people at the Academy, said otherwise: they pulled a Steve Harvey, and the surprise ensued.

While La La Land raked up six wins including for Best Directing (Damien Chazelle) and Best Lead Actress (Emma Stone), the Comedy-Musical, announcement aside, had to concede defeat to Moonlight, a drama of a young boy's life from his youth to the present time. Moonlight took two other wins, which are Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali) which marked the first time the Oscars has its Muslim winner, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Both have fared well in the Awards Season, with La La Land sweeping almost every trophy they are in throughout its campaign, and Mahershala Ali succeeded in achieving such a feat in his category.

All the moment, all the drama, all the tears, and of course all the reaction played a part in what could be the conclusion of the Movie chapter of the 2017 Awards Season. Hopefully you are prepared for a TL;DR ride with a barrage of GIFs and embed tweets!

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And afterwards the curtain for the 2017 Awards Season has finally closed...

The first chapter finally kicks off!

Title: 2017 World Tournament
Author: fandomwarrior (Twitter / Tumblr)
Fandom: Multiple
Word count: ~7,000
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured.
Rating: PG
Author's Note: This is a simulated tournament using Excel/Google Spreadsheet. Chapters emphasis more in journalism-style writing than the conventional fiction style. All progress are tracked every chapter. A Multi X-Over/RPF hybrid.

World Tournament gathers the best in television, movies, and real life, in a March Madness-styled knockout fighting competition. Held annually in March, 64 competitors from around the world will contest to be on top of the fandom supremacy, and the 2017 season will promise the best season ever yet.

With an overwhelming number of competitors, confederation qualifiers are held to see which ones are worthy to compete in the annual competition. These qualifiers are held in each competing genre with different qualifying procedures: Comedy, Teen, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama, Animated, Digital, Celebrity, and Fashion. Out of the hundreds that compete, only 64 will make it to the main event, and eventually only one who can prevail.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2



Qualifiers Spreadsheet (to be updated)


Amidst E!Online's TV's Top Couple run, Zimbio once again opened its doors to its TV Couples March Madness Challenge, another online polling competition that pits TV couples in a March Madness format. Compared to E!Online's though, Zimbio has kept in mind a broader degree of eligibility criteria, which allows even the non-canon pairs (such as last year's runner-up Bonnie and Damon from The Vampire Diaries) to compete in this competition.

As usual, 64 of television's top couples will go head-to-head throughout the competition's run in March in a knockout format, with one winner standing tall in the end. Clarke and Lexa are set to defend their title, while new and recurring names set to break their domination this year.

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I remember that I always say I want to make my own March Madness competition, something that has the same premise as f_march_madness, which pits the best characters of television AND movies of four main genres. Considering the lack of interest on the FMM side and that March Madness-styled polling competitions that feature movie titles are extremely rare, I've decided to pitch a couple of ideas of what my competition will become. Fast forward to now, I've been into bracket designing on Excel. My works included making March Madness brackets of all sorts, and last year I designed a new bracket for SpoilerTV's competitions starting with last year's Favorite TV Series which you can see the example here.

With the fact that, with many TV and movie titles floating around like stars in the skies, started to like soccer/football again as I stated on my main blog, and downloaded an Excel spreadsheet that simulates World Cup, this gave me another idea: make somekind of a qualifier to pick which ones worthy enough to take on the tournament! Which eventually gives birth to what I could call as the "World Tournament." Not the good name I know, but it is the embodiment of uniting the stars of Comedy, Teen Dramas, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama, Animated shows, web stars, celebrities, and fashion models, vying for victory, while taking an assumption that the whole concept is a fighting competition.

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(Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/The Hollywood Reporter)

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is an awards show that has become a "holy grail" for movies, celebrating the outstanding achievements for motion picture, its actors/actresses, its directors, and others. Its importance is just as grand as the Emmys for television, and often people would prioritize wins in the Oscars above any other award shows due to its high level of prestige, just like how race drivers competing in IndyCar would die to win in Indy 500 and how a soccer player would do the same to win Copa Libertadores.

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