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I'm Rendy, and I'm a college student from Indonesia. I enjoy creating stuffs, mainly add-ons for games, especially racing games on PC. However, racing and creating add-ons aren't just my things; I have a passion in TV series. That's right, watching TV Series is also my hobby, and I enjoy them much just like I enjoy watching race cars racing around the circuit, taking more than an hour a race.

This LJ of mine acts as a blog, but unlike my other blog, this LJ is centered to fandom-related activities. This is where I separate blogs pertaining to race cars, game add-ons, and fandoms for the sake of target audience. I occasionally post about what I would watch here and some recaps and reviews on what I've watched, all while being one of the regulars of Fandom March Madness since 2013 season. Also present is my twitter feed where I tweet stuffs, mostly unrelated to fandoms but worth a check :p

Enjoy your stay! If you'd like to add me to your friend list, do so! I love to make new friends here in this network. All posts are public because I have no passion on posting private, real-life stuffs unless it's about my visit to cool places or what DVD I bought. :)

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I remember that I always say I want to make my own March Madness competition, something that has the same premise as f_march_madness, which pits the best characters of television AND movies of four main genres. Considering the lack of interest on the FMM side and that March Madness-styled polling competitions that feature movie titles are extremely rare, I've decided to pitch a couple of ideas of what my competition will become. Fast forward to now, I've been into bracket designing on Excel. My works included making March Madness brackets of all sorts, and last year I designed a new bracket for SpoilerTV's competitions starting with last year's Favorite TV Series which you can see the example here.

With the fact that, with many TV and movie titles floating around like stars in the skies, started to like soccer/football again as I stated on my main blog, and downloaded an Excel spreadsheet that simulates World Cup, this gave me another idea: make somekind of a qualifier to pick which ones worthy enough to take on the tournament! Which eventually gives birth to what I could call as the "World Tournament." Not the good name I know, but it is the embodiment of uniting the stars of Comedy, Teen Dramas, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama, Animated shows, web stars, celebrities, and fashion models, vying for victory, while taking an assumption that the whole concept is a fighting competition.

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(Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/The Hollywood Reporter)

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is an awards show that has become a "holy grail" for movies, celebrating the outstanding achievements for motion picture, its actors/actresses, its directors, and others. Its importance is just as grand as the Emmys for television, and often people would prioritize wins in the Oscars above any other award shows due to its high level of prestige, just like how race drivers competing in IndyCar would die to win in Indy 500 and how a soccer player would do the same to win Copa Libertadores.

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The three notifications that somehow formed some kind of a message for me when I woke up.

So it was that Tuesday morning that I opened my Twitter notifications, finding out that a couple of different shippers liked and retweeted my tweets related to #TopTVCouple, of which I thought it won't be going to happen until April just like last year. An Olicity shipper liked my tweet about how close the Oliver/Felicity vs. Claire/Jamie face-off were, followed by a Clexa/Malec shipper retweeting the tweet to my last article and a couple other shippers liked the same tweet.

Then hours later, a visit to SpoilerTV's Daily Discussion Thread, one of my go-to rituals, gave me an enlightenment which I reluctantly believe at first: "so eonline is doing their yearly best tv ship competition."

That means Top TV Couple, right?

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04 February 2017 @ 11:49 pm

She won it in Emmys!
She won it in TCA Awards!
In CCAs and Golden Globes, it was hers too!

She's won it five times, she's won it five times!
In SAG Awards, Sarah Paulson has won it five times!

And there you have it, folks, a milestone that can only be described with a Liverpool chant even though the English Premier League team currently in its unfortunate phase of losing games to the point that they lost in FA Cup. This has marked her fifth award win as a female actor in the TV movie, limited TV series, and Miniseries, in a consecutive manner (which also includes Television Critics Association Awards), and it's a total holy shit in Scouse accent! (context!)

Not just Sarah Paulson, it also marked Viola Davis' fifth SAG Awards win. Although I prefer Sarah's varied trophies she has won, both her and Viola are two of the best actresses indeed, and I can't be happier to see both of them winning five times. FIVE TIMES!!!

But, these aren't not the only thing happened during the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. So many surprises on who won that night, in which I thought both La La Land and The People v. O.J. Simpson would be at it again, but they weren't as the winners were announced. With Oscars coming and this effectively became the last TV awards show until Emmys and also being The People's final appearance in award shows, the tables will turn faster than I turn this post into a Sarah Paulson musing post described in Liverpool's titular chant.

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23 January 2017 @ 11:30 am
The coveted statue everyone will compete for in this awards gala, the fourth of the current Awards Season (third if you skip People's Choice Awards).(Image: SPYHollywood)

So we've been through three different awards in this awards season, from the totally early Critics' Choice to a madness that is People's Choice. Coming from the public voting-based awards show in which people around the world can freely rally their vote for their favorites, the Awards Season has returned to the judges-only vote as we visit the fourth (third if you exclude PCAs from your existence) gala of the season: The Screen Actors Guild Awards.

SAG Awards, initiated by Screen Actors Guild, focuses on actors and actresses in movies and television, as well as bringing dedicated award categories for Cast Ensembles and Stunt Ensembles in Movies and TV. This year's grid will see recurring names from previous awards including Ryan Gosling, Viola Davis, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to name a few, combined with last year's victors like Kevin Spacey, Uzo Aduba, and Jeffrey Tambor, and some new ones like Millie Bobby Brown and Naomie Harris.

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(Image: Getty Images/ET Online)

With its own set of surprises and upsets, the 2017 edition of People's Choice Awards proven to be yet another celebrated night of the show. Featuring the headlining performance of none other than Fifth Harmony, among others, the show gave the most-voted, fan-favored nominees in each category a coveted People's Choice trophy.

But even with all the positivity, I feel that I have difficulties in following the show as a whole. Due to my limited quota in my internet subscription, I cannot even watch the live stream, I always afraid to open up the #PCAs search via Tweetdeck (a Twitter app) for live tweet feeds, and end up relying solely on the awards' Twitter account which sadly doesn't help at all at times (they post a fitting comment whenever someone wins a category). Taking into account that not all 64 categories are televised and I only focus on the awards presented via Twitter, my mind really had an internal Dumpster Fire going on.

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The stage is about set for the 2017 People's Choice Awards in LA's own Microsoft Theater! (Image: Los Angeles Theatre)

Last year, People's Choice Awards kicked off the Awards Season in the first week of January, but this year, it's different. With Critics' Choice Awards arguably kicking off the 2017 Awards Season (2016-2017), and Golden Globes being the second, the voting-based awards show is the third one in the calendar, but it could depend on whether the reader of this article would consider it as an awards show that matters, as certain people would skip it over SAG Awards which would take place eleven more days after this awards show.

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Another day, another win for La La Land. (Image: WBUR/Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP)

Once again, La La Land dominated an awards show in the season, this time in Golden Globes, extending its momentum built since Critics' Choice Awards. While the movie race is as lopsided it is, the TV race on the other hand was more interesting to look at, with The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story managed to win two out of three possible wins yet with The Night Manager and The Crown also snatching two wins, preventing any chance for another of the show's domination in the TV field.

I've written this article on the World Fandom Championship Tumblr (which you can see it here), hoping that it could attract some new Tumblrites. But it seems I haven't got the audience I desired, so perhaps I had to unleash Plan B: Join some fandoms. My Tumblrs are fandom-centric after all, I should consider joining some multifandom communities or sort like that, same goes to the Twitter btw.

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02 January 2017 @ 12:42 pm

(Image: Giphy)

The crazy 2016 is over and 2017 is finally here! Happy New Year, everyone! Let's make this a worthwhile!

Haven't done much lately, and sadly I couldn't post really much as I don't seem to have any good topic to write on, but with Golden Globes approaching, I managed myself to write a piece my own prediction of Golden Globes here. Long story short, La La Land and The People vs O.J. Simpson are on equal grounds for outright domination in the gala, with other nominations in their respective categories set to deter their total victory: La La Land has Deadpool to fight with, while The People vs O.J. Simpson has Westworld and Stranger Things, among others. I definitely need a breather for the next days until 8th!

Once it ends, I'll try to write stuff about Golden Globes and People's Choice Awards in my own personal perspective, as I clearly had to differ this blog's self with WFC's persona. But first, I definitely had to work on my final paper project to graduate from college...